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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boy am I a SLACKER

First off, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we did!! We are currently in Kennesaw, GA, (outside Atlanta)however, the boat is in Charleston. I will be staying here until after Christma, while Gordon will be moving the boat south and into Florida but back here for Christmas. We are awaiting our second grandbaby any time now....Andie has been in and out of labor for the last 4 weeks and the baby is itching to get out. We just want it to stay and bake until hesheit gits bigger!!

So why has it been so long on writing this blog you ask??? My COMPUTER broke...this time it froze!!! We finally were able to get disks to do a restart but I lost almost EVERYTHING!! (including my sanity!) As you know Gordon was without his computer for a month, and was to be like new ...however it didn't work too well either. Half the keys don't work nor the touch pad.( It just went back to Best Buy AGAIN!!) We were both without computers for over a month and many miles.

Last we left you we were leaviing DC...We met up with Chip and Kay (BESO) at Solomans Island,Md. It is a neat little town on the west coast of the Chesapeake Bay and I must say we had the very best Crab Cakes by far, at Stoney's Kingfishers Seafood. We only spent 3 days in Solomans and G and I ate there twice!! We had a small weather window and crossed over to the Eastern Shore and the town of Christfield, Md. We are talking small and desolate!!! The season is over weather cold and people close up and I guess go south! All I remember from there is the wind blowing and how cold it was getting!! However, we did meet a couple who used to live in Troy,Oh. and were now doing the same thing we are. Also, while here we were able to not only enjoy the largest Calzones(16" at the fold)but Smith Island Cake! This is a 9 layer cake with frosting between all the layers! (Debbie, I have the recipe with full instructions)It's really something everyone should try at least once!! I understand it is an old Amish recipe but only foundon Smith Island and surrounding communities. From there,we moved farther south along the coast to Onancock, Va. where we spent most of a week. We did get in many wallks and found a great little bakery!!I fell in love with the sweetpotato bisquits! (haha...It's all about food!!!) Most of you know how much I hate cold weather and bragged a year ago about not ever having to wear long pants for a year, well I still hate cold weather and can't for the life of me understand how I Made it in Ohio for 44 years! It is now cold, I mean raining inside the boat cold.(The windows and hatches sweat from lack of insulation and it drips on you!!) We motor on...

Next stop is Cape Charles, Va, Another quiet little town with alot of charm. All of these towns were great, but I am sure they are busting during the summertime. Most depend on tourists or crabbing for their livelyhoods. I ws disapointed that the weather turned so abruptly and we didn't get to see the fall color change we expected, but it was a great experience to visit this part of the US and even better with friends!! It was from Cape Charles,that we headed back across the Bay to Norfolk and on to Greatbridge, Va. for a couple days and work to be done on the boat!! And then it was in the ditch(Intercoastal waterway)where you can travel rain shine or fog for the remander of our journey to get us to Charleston. We made stops in Coinjock, Va, Manteo NC, Oracroke, NC, Oriental, NC, Morehead City, NC, Surf City, NC, Southport, NC, North Myrtle beach, NC(Barefoot Landiing and the greatest Italian food)and then Georgetown, NC.

I know that is alot of time and area we just covered, but it should help catch you up on our whereabouts. I've added a slide show also eor your enjoyment....