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Thursday, December 25, 2008


I know I'm getting old when I go to a birthday party and everyone there could be my daughter/grandchild. Havyn celebrated her 2nd birthday with her play group this morning. There were 21 kids under the age of 3 and the noise level was incredible!!!
What do you do with 2-3 year olds at a birthday party, you ask? Prevent fights, clean hands and faces,change diapers and pick up toys...lots of toys!!! I was exhausted and had to nap this afternoon. Havyn received lots of books (I will have to read) and a couple puzzles. Tommorrow is her official birthday so we will have a small party (all 4 of us)and open family presents. I hope to get some pictures and then figure out how to get them on the computer and then here. That's been Gordon's job!

Speaking of Gordon, he is safetly in Jax Beach. He was outside for 22 hours and came back in at Mayport. He went straight to the marina and has now caught up on his sleep and back to fiddling with the boat. The weather there is in the 60's and tommorrow he is taking down all the canvas to clean and have some velcro replaced. He plans to do some stainless polishing, too! I think he should pace himself and spread out the jobs over the next couple weeks...but I'm not going to miss helping!!

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone the very best Christmas...Kim & Gordon

Havyn and Emeryn Christmas 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome Baby Girl!!

I am proud to announce the birth at 1:37am, December 23, 2008, the newest member of our family!!! Emeryn Harper Quint weighing in at 5 lbs 11 ozs and 17 ¼ “

Mother, father and daughters are all doing fine, lacking some sleep though!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Days Before Christmas...

My how time has gone by!!! I remembered that it is important to rest when a 2 year old naps and have been trying to do so, but I have also neglected to keep up with this blog.

Gordon arrived here on the 16th and we have been trying to do shopping, baby sitting, and catching up with each other between all other things. Andie has been seeing the doctor about every other day; the baby has stopped thriving inside and now needs to get out. Last Thursday the doctors did a stress test and thought all would be OK, so she hiked to the top of Kennesaw Mountain before we went to Stone Mountain!!! We did alot of walking there...along with the sky tram, train, and the obligatory shopping. Havyn got to see the
Snow Angel, Santa and his elves. Then we all enjoyed a Laser Light show done to Christmas music! Havyn was a trooper. All day without a nap and definately off schedule!! Her favorite activity was the train, although she kinda slept the last 10 minutes of the ride!!

The whole weekend was rainy and now, cold weather has moved back in for the next few days...I should have guessed that would do the number on Andie!! Today at her doctors appointment, they sent her directly to the hospital!! That was at noon!! It is now almost 9:30pm and still no baby, and today is Jeremy's birthday, too!! We're hoping now that we get some good news before midnight!!! As soon as we know what's going on, we'll let everyone know!

PS If you notice my hair is darker...I decided to get young....er looking. Yes, I'm brown again!! No comments necessary!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another day in Kennesaw

OK, so I've recovered from the birthday party, shopping and playtime at the indoor playground. (It has rained the last 3 days) Now I'm ready to get back to the boat and resume my retired life! I know now why you have children while your young!! It has been fun spending time with Havyn though...she has been more responsive to me this time and it's Nana, Nana, Nana. I am doing things I haven't done in 20 some years! Andie has nicknamed me "Nana Clause". (Grandparents prerogative) I bought Havyn an advent calendar, a really nice wooden one with 24 doors of many size openings. (www.ByersChoice.com) So Gordon and I had bought 24 little presents (socks, toys, and of course candy!) for Havyn to open each day before Christmas...It has become a ritual each morning for Havyn to get up and open her door and check for the candy...not so interested in the other items!!! Mom doesn't care too much for her having candy!!!

I'm hoping to get to the Georgia Aquarium later this week so I will have some pictures to post. Otherwise, it's a boring life... as for Gordon, he has been keeping busy on the boat...he finished getting the Bimini top fixed (new Velcro) and back stretched so it will fasten, got all the stainless polished and fixed the radio and speaker system that had become loose. Today he is putting the insides back together because he too is having rain!! The only good thing about the rain is the temperature is warmer!! (Oh yea, and Lake Lanier is adding water!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Becoming a Landlubber

I have gone from sailing to doing housework; dishes and laundry! Also I am FREEZING!!
This morning it was only 28* and frost was thick and heavy enough it looked like it had snowed. Even Schooner is cold. She has been wearing her long sleve t- shirt non stop for 5 days.

I want to thank everyone who checked on the blog, but you need to leave me a comment at the bottom of each entry...OK!!!

Gordon left Charleston this morning at 10am. He is going to do an all nighter to Fernandina Beach, Fl. and plans to arrive between 10 and 1 tommorrow. I'm not excited that he is by himself doing this but not alot I can do fron Atlanta. He says he will rest up there before moving to Portside Marina, Jacksonville Beach. He booked us there for a month!

Still no sign of the baby, although Andie is looking much bigger today than she has. It hasn't slowed her down too much either....I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it will be the 20th, Meanwhile, my skin is drying out and I'm missing my own bed!

Monday, December 1, 2008

New and (hopefully) Improved

As you can see I have made some changes to our blog Hope you continue to check in on us. Please do us a favor and register as a follower and add yourself to our survey...it won't be sold or used against you...haha

More to come...Kim & Gordon

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boy am I a SLACKER

First off, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we did!! We are currently in Kennesaw, GA, (outside Atlanta)however, the boat is in Charleston. I will be staying here until after Christma, while Gordon will be moving the boat south and into Florida but back here for Christmas. We are awaiting our second grandbaby any time now....Andie has been in and out of labor for the last 4 weeks and the baby is itching to get out. We just want it to stay and bake until hesheit gits bigger!!

So why has it been so long on writing this blog you ask??? My COMPUTER broke...this time it froze!!! We finally were able to get disks to do a restart but I lost almost EVERYTHING!! (including my sanity!) As you know Gordon was without his computer for a month, and was to be like new ...however it didn't work too well either. Half the keys don't work nor the touch pad.( It just went back to Best Buy AGAIN!!) We were both without computers for over a month and many miles.

Last we left you we were leaviing DC...We met up with Chip and Kay (BESO) at Solomans Island,Md. It is a neat little town on the west coast of the Chesapeake Bay and I must say we had the very best Crab Cakes by far, at Stoney's Kingfishers Seafood. We only spent 3 days in Solomans and G and I ate there twice!! We had a small weather window and crossed over to the Eastern Shore and the town of Christfield, Md. We are talking small and desolate!!! The season is over weather cold and people close up and I guess go south! All I remember from there is the wind blowing and how cold it was getting!! However, we did meet a couple who used to live in Troy,Oh. and were now doing the same thing we are. Also, while here we were able to not only enjoy the largest Calzones(16" at the fold)but Smith Island Cake! This is a 9 layer cake with frosting between all the layers! (Debbie, I have the recipe with full instructions)It's really something everyone should try at least once!! I understand it is an old Amish recipe but only foundon Smith Island and surrounding communities. From there,we moved farther south along the coast to Onancock, Va. where we spent most of a week. We did get in many wallks and found a great little bakery!!I fell in love with the sweetpotato bisquits! (haha...It's all about food!!!) Most of you know how much I hate cold weather and bragged a year ago about not ever having to wear long pants for a year, well I still hate cold weather and can't for the life of me understand how I Made it in Ohio for 44 years! It is now cold, I mean raining inside the boat cold.(The windows and hatches sweat from lack of insulation and it drips on you!!) We motor on...

Next stop is Cape Charles, Va, Another quiet little town with alot of charm. All of these towns were great, but I am sure they are busting during the summertime. Most depend on tourists or crabbing for their livelyhoods. I ws disapointed that the weather turned so abruptly and we didn't get to see the fall color change we expected, but it was a great experience to visit this part of the US and even better with friends!! It was from Cape Charles,that we headed back across the Bay to Norfolk and on to Greatbridge, Va. for a couple days and work to be done on the boat!! And then it was in the ditch(Intercoastal waterway)where you can travel rain shine or fog for the remander of our journey to get us to Charleston. We made stops in Coinjock, Va, Manteo NC, Oracroke, NC, Oriental, NC, Morehead City, NC, Surf City, NC, Southport, NC, North Myrtle beach, NC(Barefoot Landiing and the greatest Italian food)and then Georgetown, NC.

I know that is alot of time and area we just covered, but it should help catch you up on our whereabouts. I've added a slide show also eor your enjoyment....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Around and About D.C.

Yeah!! It’s Tuesday morning! I’m up, outside and on my way to pick up a car from Enterprise Car Rental on “D” Street in Washington, DC. In 15 Minutes (it’s only 7/10ths of a mile from the marina) I’m at the Enterprise counter where an incredibly efficient staff has me in my car and on the road in another twenty minutes. In less than an hour, I’m back on the boat with Kim and Schooner and we’re ready to tour the outlying areas of D.C. and all of its special attractions and points of interest.

First on the list of places to visit is a local propane dealer. We ran out of gas in both of our tanks and, unless we get them filled, cannot cook anything on the boat. We had to go to Maryland because D.C. law prohibits propane tank filling within the city limits (Blue Rhino service ONLY!) A nearby U-haul store solves the problem and it’s back to the boat, drop off both FILLED propane tanks and then hit the road again.

Next stop is Alexandria, VA, on the western bank of the Potomac. Alexandria, which has played a prominent part in American history since its founding in 1685, is now a quaint town filled with small shops and bistros. It’s a great place to just walk around, see the sights and talk with the local people.

From Alexandria, we went to the Pentagon to see the 9/11 Memorial. It’s quite impressive and the local security staff is helpful in explaining the significance of the Memorial’s layout. You can take pictures of the Memorial, but don’t photograph the Pentagon building. Apparently, the government doesn’t want anyone to know we have a building there!

Last stop for the day was the National Marine Corps Memorial, dedicated to all of the United States Marines who have died in the defense of our country since 1775. This is only the second time we’ve been here and it still makes me speechless. A list of conflicts in which the Marines have served encircles its base. The list has gotten a lot longer since when I served in Vietnam.

From the USMC Memorial, we headed for the new World War II Memorial, which is located on the Mall, between the Lincoln and Washington Memorials. The best time to see this memorial is from dusk into nighttime. The fountains and marble courtyard are beautiful in the glow of the recessed and underwater lighting. It’s a fitting tribute to those who gave so much of themselves for all of us.

Tuesday, we struck out for parts south. Arlington National Cemetery, to visit the grave of a friend of Kim’s and her family, was first. Next was the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico. The finest compliment I can pay to this facility is, whoever designed and built the museum “reflected great credit upon themselves and upheld the highest tradition of the Marine Corps of the United States Navy Service.”

Wednesday was spent with Vern and Judy, old family friends from our Ohio days. They took us to see the Capitol Building, Union Station, the C & O Canal and Georgetown. What a tour!! Going out with Vern and Judy gave us an opportunity to see things that only a local person would know. We had a great day and lots of fun.

The next three days were spent walking the streets of D.C. We visited the Holocaust Museum, every available part of the Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Korean War Memorial, The Wall, and the White House. And, speaking of the White House, through dumb luck, we were able to wangle invitations to the Annual Fall showing of the White House Gardens. Done once a year, by invitation only, guests are free to wander the south gardens (under the ever watchful eye of the Secret Service) and take close up pictures of the building and grounds. It was a real treat!!

With our time in D.C. at and end, we settled in on the boat and made ready to leave Sunday Morning. Hopefully, the trip down river will take less time than the trip up. At least we’ll be able to rest our weary feet for a day or two.

Monday, October 13, 2008

On to Washington D.C.

The alarm clock (I Hate Alarm Clocks!) went off at 4:00 AM and jolted me out of a really sound sleep. It’s dark outside and really cold; well, 54° feels really cold after it being 78° the day before. I checked the depth of the water under us and found out we now had 18” to spare. After being buried for the entire night in a foot or so of Potomac River mud, that extra 18” of water looked a mile deep. I woke Kim and, half an hour later, we had the boat ready to cast off from Captain Billy’s Crab House. Once free of the dock, the water depth quickly changed in our favor. After moving only 20’ or so from the dock, the depth quickly changed from 6-1/2’ to 10’, to 14’, to 20’ and finally, 30’ or more in the main channel of the river. We were finally free and back on track towards D.C.

My most favorite time to be on the water is during those two or three hours before dawn. As Kim said earlier, she had gone back to bed and at that hour, most everything else living has finally gone to sleep. It’s so quiet that you can hear a person cough or a car door slam miles away across the water. There was also a full moon the entire night, so this morning, I was treated to the moon setting around 5:45 AM. In a cloudless sky, it was as pretty a sight as any sunset I’ve ever seen. Then, half an hour later, the first light of day crept across the horizon and at 7:15 AM, I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise. Now if only the sun would warm up the darn cockpit of the boat and me along with it!!

With daylight finally here, the Potomac became more and more interesting. North of US Highway 301 and the Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge, the banks became littered with enormous homes (5000 to 6500 sq. ft. in size) that, not unlike feudal castles, dominated their piece of the shoreline. Unlike their southern counterparts, which are built on top of one another, these homes sit on immaculately manicured lots that are a minimum of three or four acres in size and surrounded by acres of hardwood forest, adding further to their castle like appearance.

As we got closer to Washington, names of places along the Potomac River began to sound like my 6th grade American History class. Quantico, Ft. Belvoir, Ft. Hunt, Ft. Foote, Ft. Washington, Mt. Vernon and Alexandria, VA were but a few of the places that lined our route to D.C. Actually seeing these historical places finally gave some clarity as to why they were so important (most of then strategically important) to our nation’s beginning. Also, most could be seen from the waterway, so, of course, we took lots of pictures as we sailed by.

Finally, near 3:00 PM, we had the Capital City in sight on the other side of the new Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. This new drawbridge, opened to unrestricted traffic just this year, now boasts a minimum, vertical, closed clearance of 70’ (it’s old clearance was only 55’) and makes the entrance into Washington, D.C. a piece of cake for high masted boats like ours. Thirty minutes later, we pulled into the Gangplank Marina, with two VH-60N White Hawk, Presidential helicopters flying overhead as escort. We then made our way to the slip that would be our home for the next week. After checking in with the dock master, Kim and I collected lots of tourist info and brochures. Returning to the boat, we kicked back, relaxed and began planning our adventures for the next few days.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Up the Potomac

It’s Sunday evening and we have stopped for the night at Popes Creek, Maryland. We are tied to a dock that hasn’t been used by any boaters in a while. (You can tell by the amount of bird doo covering the dock.) It is here for the sole purpose of being a place to come in off the Potomac River, after a day of boating, and tie up for a great meal at Capt’ Billy’s Crab House and Restaurant. Which is exactly what we did!!!

We were the only boat to pull in at the dock. Even though the books said we had plenty of water under us, we found it to be pretty slim in some spots of the channel. It is still early, 4:30, and after walking Schooner around the parking lot we went in to eat. Miss Dottie greeted us at the door, took us to our table, over looking our boat, and made some recommendations for dinner. We both opted for the sautéed scallops, homemade potato salad, and coleslaw. At Capt' Billy's, they are famous for their crabs, (and they looked great) but we didn’t feel like fussin' and fighting with our food!! Everyone around us was talking about the “big” boat at the dock as if they had never seen one there…we later found out why!!

Miss Dottie extended the invitation to stay the night there at the dock, (NO power or water but easy access to land) so we went back to the boat for the night. Gordon just happened to check the water depth and of course we were on the bottom…so stuck you couldn’t move the rudder!!! We couldn’t have moved if we had wanted to!!! After checking the tides, Gordon informed me we would be leaving at 4:30 and that’s AM!

Most of you know I am a night person and surely don’t like getting out of bed early especially if it’s cold! Well, I did help get us under way, but did go back to bed. When I went topside about 8:00am Gordon was in his jeans, Rugby shirt, jacket and hat! You would have thought it was the middle of winter the way he was complaining!! It did warm up rather quickly once the sun came up and ended up being a great day on the water at 70° or something close, and we're now on our way to DC.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Solomans Island, Maryland

It’s Saturday morning and we are leaving Baltimore. It’s chilly out here on the water but really pretty. The leaves are just starting to change and there is some fog along the shoreline where creeks meet the bay. It is a pretty boring ride so far, not much to look at except for the occasional crab trap, seagull or boat to pass. Trying to type this is also difficult, because of the glare and who knows when we will actually get Internet good enough to publish it.

We are headed to Washington DC, but that is at least 2 days away. So our first stop for tonight will be Solomans Island. Solomans Island is located at the tip of Maryland, and isn’t really an island!!! We should arrive about 4:45, says the chart plotter. While there, we will need to get some fuel, as we haven’t bought any since we left Atlantic Yacht Basin back in September when the price was high. Here’s to hoping for lower fuel prices, since the price of gas has dropped!!!

We actually arrived here at the Solomans Island Yachting Center a little after 5 and walked Schooner, had dinner and settled in for a night of TV. We made our weekly calls, checking on everyone, and I am finishing up on this part of the blog, although Internet doesn’t reach out to the dock we are on. As far as I could see from the diminishing sunlight, it looks like a summer vacation spot. We won’t get the chance to do any exploring here now, but will be back around the 20th when we meet back up here with friends.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, (That’s a deep subject as they say!!) it’s been a long week and I need to update all of you on our adventures! First off, we got to Baltimore late on October 8th, not really “late” but days are sooo short now it seemed late. We are in about the same place, in the same marina as we were when we left 2 weeks ago, so all seems familiar.

We had a few places to see that we missed on our first trip here, but the first call to duty is to scrub down the boat! The dirt and grime from the big cities are taking a toll on the white deck!!! This seemed to take all day long and now both of us not only have sore legs, but the arms and shoulders are now sore, too!! At least the boat will be clean for the guy to come and fix our auto pilot motor…again!

The autopilot has been giving us fits since early July when we were still in the Bahamas and now has finally decided to all but fail. This is the second motor replacement the company has made and I hope the last. John, the repairman, had to come from Annapolis to do the work…about a 45 minute drive for him. It would take us a good 8 hour day to get to Annapolis by boat and Annapolis is not where we want to be because they are hosting the sailboat show now and space is limited. John was here for less than an hour and all seems well for now…always the skeptic!

We walked to little Italy and found an Italian Deli and had a great lunch. For me, an Italian sub and Gordon a spicy Italian sausage sanswhich. It was really good and hit the empty spot! We continued our walk about town before heading back to the boat. As I said earlier, days are short now and that leaves more time for sleeping…LOL!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It’s zero early thirty on Sunday (6:30 AM civilian time) and we’re up and preparing to leave the Philadelphia Marine Center. We have to pull out of the marina between 7 and 8 AM, because the tides and current will be just about slack by then making our entry into the Delaware River its safest. It’s cold here this morning, 56°-F, but there’s no wind and the sun’s shinning brightly. It took us about 30 minutes to walk Schooner and then another 15 minutes to roll up the power lines and water hose, warm up the engine. Then, there was a bit of a delay because a work crew was busy rolling up the 150' of red carpet from the night before and had the dock blocked. Once they were finished, however, we handed in our gate keys and got underway. We hit the tide just right and in no time were heading down the Delaware, via the C&D Canal, towards Baltimore.

We have to go back to Baltimore because the autopilot drive motor failed as we were nearing Philadelphia. While in Philly, we called Lewmar, who manufactures the motor, and learned that their closest repair facility is in Annapolis, MD. It’s a three-day run to Annapolis from Philly, but only a two-day run to Baltimore. Once in Baltimore, it will only take 45 minutes for the service man to drive up from Annapolis. So, having communicated with all parties, we are going to Baltimore where Lewmar is replacing the motor at no charge. How’s that for service?

The trip down river was uneventful, almost to the point of being boring. There was a bit of pleasure boat traffic, a few tugs towing barges and one big ship, but, for the most part, we had the river to

ourselves. The most exciting part of the trip was as we entered the eastern entrance of the C&D Canal. There, perched upon the northern seawall, was a 26’-plus speedboat. It had sustained considerable hull damage from its climb atop the big rocks that made up the wall. We took a few pictures of the thing and, after reaching the Summit North Marina, learned that the boat had run aground late last night while going full speed at high tide. The moral of the story? Never run at night without a GPS and good charts.

The next day (Monday) we were up at 6:30 AM again. After a short walk with Schooner, we were ready to go and on the water by 7:30. Again, the trip was uneventful with a couple of other boats and us owning the waterway. We finally made the Anchorage Marina, in Baltimore, around 3:30 PM and settled into our slip. Here, we’ll wait for a couple of days on the new motor to arrive and the serviceman to come and install it. In the mean time, it’s cocktail hour and the Internet here is HOT, so a drink and E-mails are, for now, the order of the day.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Two of our best friends in the whole wide world hail from Philly. The only problem with our relationship is, they now live in Billings, Montana (summer there is about two and a half weeks long) and we live on a boat (where we try to make it summer 365 days a year) bound for no place in particular. While this makes stopping by for coffee a real logistics problem for all of us, Harry and Dot have, nonetheless, provided us with the best recommendations available anywhere for where to go in Philly. With that in mind, we set out on our last day in Philly to find the Italian Market and Geno’s Steaks.

The Italian Market is really far from the Philadelphia Marine Center, so we elected to take a bus and save ourselves a lot of steps. So, we walked from the marina to 8th Street and from there, caught the bus to the Italian Market. I told our driver where we wanted to go and he let us know when it was time to get off of the bus, making sure that we went in the correct direction to the market. Two blocks and one right-turn later, we had stepped backwards about a hundred years to a time before supermarkets, barcodes and mass marketing existed.

The Italian Market has been in existence since 1915 and covers both sides of 9th Street, for the four-block stretch between Montrose and Washington Avenues. The sidewalks are lined with vendors selling fruits, vegetables, beef, smoked meats, hams, sausages and all types of Italian Cuisine. The narrow walkways are packed shoulder to shoulder with people buying fresh foods at really great prices. The visual impact, the wonderful smells and the dull roar of 10,000 simultaneous conversations mixed with the din of traffic sounds makes this area of Philly truly unforgettable. Kim and I bought some succulent, fresh Italian sausage, homemade pesto and marinara sauces and fresh baked Italian bread to enjoy later. From the Italian Market, it was a short walk to Geno’s Steaks, at the intersection of 9th St. and E. Passyunk Ave.

Geno’s (http://www.genosteaks.com/) has been famous for its Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches since its founding in 1966. More recently, Geno’s has been infamous for their signs, “This is AMERICA, When Ordering, PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH.” After a two year legal battle, it was determined that the signs didn’t discriminate against any ethnic group and they are visible at every window.

The steaks were NOT a disappointment. The bread was fresh, the steak, onions and peppers were hot and the cheese (whiz on mine and provolone on Kim’s) was robust and plentiful. And talk about quick, the sandwiches were served with my change and there was NO wait at all. McDonalds could sure learn a lot from this place. In addition to our food, I also bought an “I’m an AMERICAN - I Order in ENGLISH” T-shirt, which draws quite a few looks when I wear it. Harry, you were right, Geno’s is the very best in Philly!!

With our day’s adventure complete, Kim and I caught the bus back to the waterfront and returned to the boat. As we entered the security gate to our slip, we were greeted by a red carpet running the length of the dock and, down at the last slip, a Mardi Gras Band playing New Orleans style music. We found out that some folks were having their 35th wedding celebration on a river cruise boat and had invited a bunch of people to share in the fun. But we know this was really our special send-off from one of our most favorite cites, Philadelphia, PA.

In the morning we will begin the trip south.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Back in Philly

Today I am staying in bed!! I am so sore I can barely move and I have a headache from lugging my full backpack all over New York City (wah, wah, wah.) Gordon on the other hand is back on the train headed back to Penn Station in New York!!! Would you believe that when he was purchasing our tickets yesterday, he left the camera on the ticket counter in Penn Station, NY!?! When we reached Trenton, NJ, Gordon went to a ticket agent, who called back to New York City and, Yep…the miracle of it all happened, someone turned it in!!! So, instead of buying a new camera for $400, he bought a round trip ticket for $41 and is half way there already.

Schooner and I elected to remain here in Philly and be lazy, although I have plenty of laundry to do. Plus we had requested our mail be sent in hopes that our absentee ballots would be included…NO such luck!! I guess that will require a phone call and more mail to be sent!!

The weather has made a change…cold, at lease for us! Today’s high was only 62° with that spitting rain we love so much. I had to bring the orchid down below for fear of losing it. It has been surviving for over 18 months with me taking care of it…that in its self is also a miracle. We will need to do some sprucing up here on the boat before leaving… actually, a major cleaning is in order! It will have to wait, however, we need to rest and the weather needs to improve.

Here are the last of our pictures from the trip to New York City, including our (Gordon’s) trip back. I hope I haven’t bored you with them. For anyone who hasn’t been there, it’s an inspiration to go!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leaving NYC

Rise and shine! We are leaving NYC today, but first there are still places to see! We start today by packing up the backpacks (all 30lbs each) and head to Time Square and McDonalds for breakfast. This wasn’t planned it just happened! We were still on the great penny hunt… yes, I have a passion for collecting pressed pennies. These are the souvenirs you find in many tourist spots that cost you 50 cents plus a penny. You put your money in and crank away!! My collection started way back as a kid when this is what my dad brought home from his many trips. (Cheap but memorable present) I guess I started collecting on my own when the kids were little, but now you can go online and map out where these machines can be found in any city!!! There are even little books to hold them and now you can get pressed dimes, quarters, and even some dollars!

Next door to the McDonalds was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, so we had to check that out!! Gordon got his picture taken with Morgan Freeman, who also was visiting…LOL. From Madame Tussauds, we continued up Broadway to American Girl! We stopped by American Girl to see what was new. Our girls each have a doll from when these dolls were first introduced back in the late 1980’s. Wow, now it’s like a big Barbie. All the different outfits and accessories; its unreal! (Andie, you would have loved having the horse.) A really nice lady, Patricia, spent much time talking with us after her bosses wanted us to leave because of Schooner. She was so nice and we wanted to thank her here on the blog and wish her well…New Yorkers, unfairly, get such bad raps!

From American Girl, we walked over to Hershey’s and the M&M Stores. How cool!! You can get every color of M&M’s imaginable and get your image carved on a 7oz Hershey bar! Where, other than in New York?

Time Square is unique in that there are huge plasma screens everywhere, advertising everything. It is so bright with lights; I wish we had had more time to see it at night. Times Square even has it’s own Police Station, done up with lights advertising it!! Our walking continued down past Ed Sullivan’s Theater, home to Democrat David Letterman’s show. If I ever get back here, the one thing I would like to do is see some of my favorite TV shows in person and take in a Broadway show, too!! Too much to see here in just 3 days!

Walking continued to Bryant Park and NBC studios, where we stopped for some water and sitting time! The fountains and pigeons enthralled Schooner, but she did get to rest some. Then it was over to Rockefeller Square to see the FOX Studios, home of Fox and Friends. We were too late to see Doocy, Gretchen, or Kilmeade in person, but took a picture of their poster…how much more of a tourist could we be?? We even took a few minutes to check out the windows at Macy’s…nothing for the Holidays yet, but Gordon and I both remember the Rike’s and Elder windows at Christmas time in downtown Dayton, so we could just imagine how these would look!

We stopped for lunch at Jack Dempsey’s Irish Pub for a quick lunch before heading to the 42nd and Broadway Street station to catch our subway to Penn Station and our return trip to Philly. It sure felt good to sit down and get the backpack off our backs!!!

No individual pictures but check out the album.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Empire State Building

OMG am I sore!! I have blisters on both heels and my hip is killing me. The sidewalks here all have a slant toward the street for drainage, so if you do a lot of walking on the same side of the street, you develop a twist in your back. It’s not just me either…Gordon is hurting, too!!! Today was a big day for us; we started off walking towards the Empire State building, but stopped for breakfast…bagels from a street vendor!! We arrived at the Empire State Building without tickets and a super long line ahead of us, with Schooner in tow. You have to go through security (thanks to 911) but with Schooner, we were moved around people and escorted up to the top very fast!!! It was a beautiful sight, with the weather cooperating completely and we even had some sunshine. We had allotted 2 hours to see the Empire State Building and were out within one, so it was off to the 33rd Street Station and Wall Street. Some of you might remember that yesterday the market fell 777 points and boy was it a media frenzy there. We couldn’t get in the Exchange (security) talked to many people and took in Tiffany’s instead! No, I didn’t get any bobbles!!! We found out it was just a “short” walk to Ground Zero from Wall Street, so we headed off towards there and all of this done before noon. Ground Zero is a busy place, with a lot of construction going on. It is hard to believe so much could be destroyed, but sad that nothing has been done to memorialize it yet. (It’s been 7 years now) We walked the complete circle around the former World Trade Center site and, other than a big hole, you would guess it was just another construction project screwing up traffic!!! There was a small memorial to the Firefighters a block away, which I assume will be moved when the WTC Memorial is completed. A large Cross, made from two of the steel beams from the collapsed buildings, sits across the street from what was the WTC and is about the only reminder of the tragedy. From World Trade Center site, we walked to the new World Financial Center and Merrill Lynch so G could take a picture of the place before it changes names. (Hope Blain enjoyed his pics.) By now, we are getting hungry, so we stop for a snack. Didn’t want to eat much because we had dinner reservations for 5:00. G decided we could walk off anything we ate by walking everywhere, (LOL) so on to NYC City Hall and the offices of Mayor Bloomberg. No we didn’t get to see him, as a matter of fact we haven’t seen anyone famous!!! We caught the subway back to 51st Street and the hotel and a caught a short rest before getting back on the subway and heading towards Brooklyn. You all must wonder why we were eating so early?? One, it was the only time available and two, the restaurant wasn’t in the most favorable place. The restaurant was Peter Luger’s; New York’s #1 rated Steakhouse and featured many times on the Food Channel. We ordered their specialty; Porterhouse for two at $85.00, and that didn’t include anything but the steak!!! We had additional sides of creamed spinach and German fried potatoes. (There wasn’t much of a choice of anything else!) After the initial shock over the price, we were treated to the very best steak ever! (and I thought Ruth’s Chris was great.) All their steaks are dry aged for 30 days and tender enough to cut with a fork!! Patrick did well with his recommendation!! It was back on the subway and to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center.) Since we had seen the city by day from the Empire State building, we decided to see it at night from the Rock. Again, we met security, but with Schooner in tow, we were quickly whisked up 85 floors and treated to the most beautiful sight. Ms Gloria Gordon, who assists visitors at The Rock, took the time to speak with us and I thank her for her, and New York’s, hospitality! But now, it’s been a long day….a lot of walking… and Schooner just wants to lay down and sleep…me too!!