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Saturday, December 31, 2005


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Well, Christmas is over and all of the kids have gone home and back to work. We also learned that we have a wedding to go to in June, as our oldest daughter is getting married (one down, one to go.)

We hadn’t been over to the boat since the first part of the month, so we loaded the family into two cars and took everyone over to the boat for a look-see. All of the interior items had arrived since our last visit, so we finally got to see the boat with everything in place.

The first thing we noticed was the bed coverings were not as ordered. The material was correct, but St. Augustine Marine Canvas used a welt cord on all of the bed coverings that was totally different than our samples. The welt cord was supposed to be a solid gold color, but they substituted a three-color cord that was in Halloween colors of black, orange and tan. To us, it makes the boat interior look cheap.

After a cursory inspection of the rest of the interior, we found some additional items that, while not noticed at first, now stick out like a sore thumb. Probably the two worst are the way the main hatch is cut at two diffrent levels and the damage to the interior where it's let rain water inside.

I’m pretty sure that a ¾” gap is going to leak and allow air, water and bugs into the boat. I’m also sure that it needs to be fixed before any more of the interior is damaged by water.

The second is the fabric on the sofa. It’s the right texture, but it’s the wrong color. It’s more of a peach color instead of the light brown color of our sample. It makes the teak interior look brassy and cheap.

Once the holidays are over, we plan to come back and spend a day or two doing a complete inspection and list all of the issues that need attention; both inside and out.

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