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Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy Weekend

Today is Monday and we are still in Spanish Wells. We have had rain every day and beautiful lightening shows every night. Andie, Havyn and I have spent some time at the beach, but most of our time has been spent with the Neilly’s.

On Saturday night, we had the privilege of attending the 50th wedding anniversary and vow renewal of Perry’s brother and sister-in-law, Lawrence and Shelia Neilly. It was a community event! Perry is one of 10 children and all but one is still living and most have family still living in Current. So, if you aren’t a Neilly, you are most likely related to one somehow! We are fortunate to have been included in this event and enjoyed seeing so many of the family and friends of Lawrence and Shelia. (I have included some pictures in a slide show for your enjoyment.) Havyn was a real trooper, sitting through the wedding and party that followed. She made friends with everyone!! And, the comment of the night was “she reminds us so much of Andie 27years ago.” It brought back memories for all!!
Sunday was quietly spent on the Neilly’s front porch. Schooner was quietly resting when 2 cats fighting went running by, which awakened their cat Twinkles. Twinkles must have thought Schooner was involved in the skirmish because she came out from under the couch and walked over face to face with Schooner and attacked her!! Yes, I said ATTACKED her!! Schooner was so surprised and she cried out like a baby; she only suffered a scratch to her nose and cowered to her daddy’s lap. It was so out of character for Twinkles and she quickly knew she was wrong, especially after Perry smacked her hip for it!! I hope the two will make up and Schooner can move on without any animosity towards cats!

So we will be here until Wednesday, as we wait for a low-pressure system (Tropical Wave) to pass…thank you Chip for the weather reports, now if they would only make Gordon easier to live with!! All this rain has him in a frumpy mood!! Along with his boat complaints!!

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