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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Another Week

Friday was Bahamian Labor Day and most places are closed. One thing you can say about the Bahamas is they have a three-day "Holiday" every month.

It has been hot ever since we arrived in Nassau and the winds have been blowing at 15-20 knots for a week now. We have never stayed here at the Yacht Haven when it has rocked us so much. To get off of the boat for a while, we spent a day in downtown Nassau, visited the Bahamian Lighthouse Museum, which was pretty cool, and went to the Cruise Ship port and checked out the arts and craft center there. The little shops had different and much nicer things than you find in the Straw Market. It was a clean and safe atmosphere to be in. Afterward, we walked around the city some more and even visited the local Mickey D’s for lunch!

Gordon has spent the last three days inventorying all the spare parts, tools, cabinets, and other storage spaces, so he can go to his computer and find where he has what and what he is looking for. This is supposed to simplify our lives LOL!!! I know it has been pretty messy down below every time we have to find some seldom used item. Also this is a good way to child proof the salon with Havyn coming on Tuesday!

I have spent my time washing rugs, blankets, linens, and towels. SPRING CLEANING!! Today we spent the day scrubbing the Bimini, (canvass top over the cockpit) deck, and washing the lines to get the dock post crud off. Tomorrow, we’ll finish polishing up the stainless and mopping the floors inside, then everything should be clean and tidy for a day!! LOL See, it’s not always a vacation here in paradise!

Tonight, Gordon prepared a great dinner: steak, baked potato, and baby beets…we treated ourselves to ice cream for desert and today isn’t even a holiday! Well, with that, it’s off to bed for a few hours sleep before tomorrow and Andie and Havyn’s arrival.

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