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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sun is Shining

The last 3 days it has rained and rained and rained some more! We did laundry yesterday and tried to clean up the boat, however we were fighting a moisture problem due to it being so cold and wet outside. I say cold, which most of you just laugh at… it was only 50°. Today was not much better, although it was sunny with bright blue skies, so we were able to get out and about!!

We finally left the boat and went on a mission to find some wood to build a dish keeper…I’m tired of fighting my dishes!! The kitchen is soooo small and space is limited. The dish rack provided by Hunter is inefficient to say the least, so for 2 years I have looked for something different. The other day I sat down and designed something that will work and now I await Gordon to make it happen! We were unsuccessful in finding any wood, other than Balsa wood, within walking distance of the boat, so that will have to wait until we get a car and hit Home Depot! We did, however, have lunch at McDonald’s!! Nothing like a burger and fries to make the day!!

We have become so accustom to walking everywhere that we have made a game out of finding money!! Yes, I said money, otherwise known as pennies!! Now that I have 2 contacts, I have been pretty lucky. We crossed a big deserted parking lot and I found 8¢ and Gordon found 6¢. Then later, on a sidewalk, I found another penny for a total days profit of 15¢!! That’s 15¢ we didn’t work for!! And while I’m on the subject of money, let me tell you this one about BANKS!! While cleaning up yesterday I came across 10 rolls of NICKELS…change we rolled up 2 years ago that never got to the bank. Simple enough to stop at a bank and exchange it for paper, right? Well, 5th/3rd and a Compass Bank turned us down!! Of course, Gordon had to tell the teller at Compass Bank “we made a living out of shorting the rolls by a nickel.” That was after she told us we had to be account holders in order for them to recoup any deficit in the rolls (these are the same guys who can't account for $350 billion!!!) In the end, however, it worked out. McDonald’s took $6 worth and Hobby Lobby the other $8!!!

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