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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, because we sure did!! We were up fairly early and I gave stinky Schooner a bath. She is shedding her winter coat and it's driving us crazy.

I have been brushing her everyday and taking 3-4 brushfuls of hair out of her, so today, when I bathed her, I emptied the drain of 3-4 handfuls of hair and then an additional 2 brushfuls after I groomed her!! She looks so much better and the final result will be determined in the morning when I make the bed!! (ha ha)

Our good friends, Guy & Marilyn, from Pitsburg (Yes, I am spelling that correctly), Ohio stopped by on their way to Orlando. They are doing about the same thing that Gordon & I have done, although they are doing it by way of a camper trailer. We have met up in Charleston, SC and Orlando, FL before and it is so much fun visiting with them. They are some of our oldest and dearest friends. They were even around before we got married, which is forever ago!!! We enjoyed a nice lunch at THE AQUARIUM, a waterfront restaurant within walking distance of the boat. Thank you guys for stopping and hope to see you again soon.

Now, I must tell everyone about yesterday!! Since Schooner became part of our lives, we pretty much gave up riding bikes. It had been well over a year since we’d done any real riding. Well…. in the last two days we have made up for lost time!!! We took out the bikes, cleaned them up andleaving Schooner to guard the boat, rode out to the Daytona Speedway…5.4 miles each way!

The ride was mostly flat ground, (thankfully) it was about 82-ºF and was a great ride. Once there, we walked most of the midway, where the many vendors were hocking their wares.
All the different Drivers had their semi-trailers set up, so you could buy your choice of racing souvenirs.
Coke had music playing, Doritos, had games set up to play and win samples and Gillette allowed you to shave yourself or wait in line for two “hot” barber babes to shave you!!
Gordon passed on both. I managed to find a pressed penny machine, so I’ve added 3 more pennies to my collection. You really have to go to the speedway at race time to appreciate how many people actually go to this event and the amount of money it brings into this city.

We were gone from the boat for 6 hours and got back around 5:00 pm to let Schooner run! It is wonderful for her here; a lot of grass and space to run and play…and do her doo!!!
Hope all of you are as happy as we are…warm weather is soooo good!! So again, hope everyone had a special day of love and friends like we did!!

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