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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Weekend

We spent the weekend on the run. We rented a car on Friday and were able to do some errands that sent us to west Jacksonville and beyond! Gordon was able to find this special finishing spray that Hunter uses on the teak. We didn’t buy one can but 2 since we went 3 years using the one provided with the purchase of the boat… is this why we have a storage problem on board?? Sometimes I think G. lives back in our house with 3 children, he doesn’t pass up the ability to have more than one of anything!!

Saturday morning, we took a road trip up the back roads of Highway A1A to Amelia Island. We visited the Historic town of Mayport (founded in 1564) and its lighthouse (1830),
about all there was to see, before taking the ferry across the river and on up to Amelia Island!! It was a ride back in time when we lived here 26 years ago. But now, however, the state of Florida has transformed much of the wetlands into 2 State Parks. On Saturday, there were many kayakers, bird watchers, walkers, and bicyclers using the park along with fisherman on all of the bridges and beachfronts. You could say it was a pretty nice day at 65ยบ and sunny.

On the way back, we stopped in Neptune Beach for an early dinner at SUN DOGS.
It was a diner at the beach and the beer was cold and burgers were great! The black bean soup was excellent with its sour cream and cheddar accompaniments. Gordon says the fries were some of the best he has ever had!! Now, 2 years ago when we visited Jacksonville, we stayed downtown at the River City Marina. At that time Jacksonville was sponsoring a Jaguar promotion. There were Jaguar cats all around the downtown streets; much like the Norfolk Mermaids, Chicago Cows, and Cincinnati Pigs. We, Andie and I, took pictures of 21 of them at that time, well we just found 2 more this weekend. One was in Mayport and the other in Neptune Beach.

Sunday morning, we checked SNEAKYSUNDAY.COM for a place to have brunch and found Ellen’s Kitchen. Again, a little diner, seats about 60, with the best breakfast ever!! And we weren’t the only ones to think so; the place was packed, but the wait was short!! They get you seated, take your order and serve you fast with hot, fresh food. They have a unique way of serving their egg plates; they layer, starting with hashbrowns, cheese, then your egg choice with sides of meat and toast or pancakes. Needless to say we ate too much!! We then made a stop at the “dog park”
to let Schooner burn off some of her energy and she did!! It is a pretty nice park and there were many dogs visiting. We stayed in the small dog side this time, so she didn’t get hurt. She may be sore in the morning though!!

Then it was back to the boat to do some work and take some pictures of the boat‘s interior amenities. We have an interested party looking at the boat from afar!! Then last night, we watched the Super Bowl from the comfort of our bed with a Poppa John’s pizza. I was sorry to see the Cardinals lose, but believe many still lost a bunch of money on that game!! It sure wasn’t the game Pittsburgh fans expected! It did make us remember watching the game 2 years ago in West End, Grand Bahama, when the Colts won. Nothing quite like a Bahamian celebration over a game with conch salad, conch fritters, Caribbean wings and Kalik beer! Oh well, the pizza was good ( :

So, that about says it all for our weekend…. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend like we did ours!!

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