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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goodbye Charleston

So, we left Charleston at 7:45am on Tuesday and it was a beautiful morning…a cool 78º with a slight wind. As we started out the channel, Gordon made the decision to go outside and head up north. Outside is the Atlantic Ocean and our next stop would be the Wilmington Inlet, about 154 miles north. We intended to stop at Southport, NC, which is just inside the inlet on the ICW. However, we made great time and entered the inlet at 5:30am and decided to continue on in the ICW to Top Sail Beach, NC. It was a good night for sailing and Gordon and I took turns at sleeping, although I think I got more than he did. To backtrack a bit… we were about 2 hours from Charleston when Gordon realized he had left our 19 dozen shrimp there in the Marina freezer. L A phone call to Jeff and we were assured that he would enjoy it for us!! I hope we find another shrimp boat up the way, so we can get more.

You forget how boring the ICW can be and I was able to read a complete Janet Evanovich smut book!! Now I have to wait to get #14 in paperback! I did take some pictures of a mother Osprey in one of the many nests located on the channel markers. I must say she was none to happy with the boat coming so close to her and the nest. We had watched her try and run 2 pelicans off and, as we waited on the bridge, Gordon was finally able to scare them away with our boat! We must have looked pretty crazy chasing 2 pelicans with a 45” boat but we did it!!

We arrived in Top Sail Beach, Surf City, at 3:30pm and Schooner even jumped ship before we were completely tied up like she knew the place to go potty… it had been over 32 hours even though she had used her pup head, she wanted GRASS!! After showers to cool down, it was off to town so I could get a much- needed haircut. I had found a great shop our last trip through and she had cut my hair as perfect as could be done. My last haircut was before EASTER and when I say cut, I would not be exaggerating to say it was only an inch long on the top of my head!! My hair was so shocked; it took weeks for it to lay down. It feels soooo good to get a good haircut I will make this a permanent stop for one from now on!! We had an early dinner…Hardee’s for Gordon and Domino’s for me, and crashed in the AC!! It’s off to Beaufort, NC in the morning!!

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