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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot Charleston!!

We are in Charleston and have been staying close to the boat. It seems to pour down rain at 11am and again at 4:30pm and if it’s a really bad day it will rain again at 11pm. And when it hasn’t been raining it has been HOT!!! The heat index for the weekend was at 112º. I like it hot but this is ridiculous!!

When we still had a car, we made the rounds to Wal-Mart, Sam’s, West Marine, Melvin’s (the best BBQ around and eat your heart out Uncle Guy), and Camping World, (to fill the Propane tanks that have been leaking) Jason’s Deli, and the Outlet Mall for undies!! We can pick up the last minute items from Harris-Teeter on the bikes. We should be ready for travel with a full fridge and freezer!!

The Marina has had a constant change in boats, coming and going, and weddings, retirement parties and private gatherings actively taking place around the marina. Unfortunately we haven’t been invited to any (nor have we crashed any) of the going ons!! Gordon was able to score us some more Jumbo fresh shrimp right off “Lady Eva”. She came in after making a couple passes outside the Harbor with a boatload of shrimp. They needed ice to cool it down while they sorted and graded the catch. There is nothing like eating shrimp within hours of it being caught. We had 4 dozen for dinner (we had help from Jeff) and froze another 19 dozen to take with us, all for $35!!

Gordon was able to get his hands dirty and work on another sailboat!! Can you believe he had to rescue an Army Master Sergeant?? They were having electrical problems and we had a charger to boost their battery until Gordon could track down the problem. Marine to the rescue!!! After that, we had a guy from Seattle (Paul) come and look at the boat. Gordon gave him a first class tour, but no offer was put on the table!

We are leaving on Tuesday…actually we are being kicked out of the Maritime Center along with all the other boats to make room for the TALL SHIPS and the Charleston Harborfest. I wish there was a place for us to stay, but we have enjoyed seeing some of the ships that have been coming in early. SV Kruzenshtern came in from Bermuda today with a broken foremast. They hit some really bad storms on the way in. We were able to get some pretty good pictures of it, I think!!

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