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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day & the Hospital

Well I have put off writing this in the blog long enough!! We celebrated Labor Day quietly on the boat, sleeping in a bit. Schooner was biting at the bit to go for a walk so as Gordon headed to the grass I was washing out the lines I had soaking in Wisk to clean them up. I had my shower and was already dressed to take a ride; we had a rented car, and were also getting ready to head out. I’m not quite sure what happened next…. All I know is I remember it as slow motion as I was tumbling down the back of the boat! I missed the dingy I think but again by the looks of the bruises it must have knocked me back in toward the swim step. My foot caught in the ladder and almost twisted my big toe off! I have an egg on the back of my head; don’t know what it hit and the most disgusting thing is I was in the marina water!! Gordon comes back to the boat; I have already pulled myself out of the water and am sitting in a chair accessing the damage, and like the crack about beans on a paper plate, he asks if the hose sprayed me!! 31 years I have been married to this guy and he has to joke when I’m hurt!! Well, there was NO way I was going to the hospital wet so I hobbled below, took another shower to get the marina water rinsed off and dressed again. I also hoped everything would stop hurting and I could better access my booboos!! The foot!

George Washington Memorial Hospital was really pretty fast. First upon entering you go through giving your name and complaint. Then they send you to triage, temp, blood pressure, excellent by the way, and an overall check of injury. Next. I was sent to X-ray then put in the treatment area. Now this was a holiday so this area had local drunks sobering up, or cut from fighting. Homeless, looking for food and a bed where it’s cool (today it was 92ยบ) and weekend warriors nursing cuts, broken bones, and strained muscles. I was given a new shoe, lots of gauze pads, an ACE bandage, drugs and a tetanus shot in my right arm, the only place it didn’t hurt! yep that's my butt!!

Nothing is broken for those concerned, just bruised and strained. I guess I will have a few days of bed rest!!

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