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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

National Zoo

Today, the three of us, ventured off to find the National Zoo. First, we caught the Circulator the local bus and that took us to where we picked up the subway. That dropped us about 4 blocks from the zoo entrance. We made a quick stop at McDonald's for lunch before embarking on the great adventure. It's amazing how good the cheeseburger tastes when you haven't had one in a while!!

The National Zoo is part of the Smithsonian Museums so it is free like all Smithsonian properties. It is spread over about 50 acres and is under going renovations in the Elephant house and big Cat area. But it is also home to Giant Pandas, the first ever brought to the US. We were able to see the Pandas and have some great pictures. It was like they were posing for us! You can go online and google panda cam and view them live at many of the Smithsonian Zoos. It was quite cool and I think we spent an hour at just the pandas.

Next stop was the gorilla room!! They ask that you back-up to the glass enclosure before turning around to look at the big guys. I had Schooner with me as I backed up and she just laid down ignoring everything. This big gorilla came up behind me and slammed both hands against the glass scaring both Schooner and me. He just stood his ground looking at Schooner and Schooner at him. I wish I could have taped it...it was sooo cute! The other Gorillas all came by the glass to see her and many other people got "my" pictures!! From the gorillas we saw the Orangutans, who played ghosts with sheets...too funny!!

We walked by the hippo yard and caught one swimming and got to see many birds including flamingos. Many of the animals came over to the fences to see Schooner and people began to follow us to get pictures. The wolves were the most curious but furthest away and they all (5 of them) paced the fence to see Schooner. Even the bear, tigers and lions got up from sleeping and posed for us.

My only disappointment was there was no giraffes!! What is a zoo without giraffes?? All in all it was a great day, alot of walking and the foot is still sore but it had to be one of the best zoo visits ever. I wish I had had Havyn to share it with...next year!! In the meantime enjoy our pictures!!!

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