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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy

We arrived in Columbus and boy what a shock to the system!!! Cold and snowy and a POD to unpack…it arrived a bit earlier than we did. After almost 4 years of not seeing or using this stuff it is hard to look at. Andie will be able to use most of the furniture in her new home and only a few things will be left in the garage. It is nice to sit down to my table again and all 8 of us will be able to eat together around the table. Andie is worried about the glass table… both Emeryn and Havyn have already hit their heads or chins on it. Havyn likes the fact that she can hide her toys in the grapevine base and Emeryn tries to get to them through the glass.

This has been a busy week!! Jeremy celebrated his birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated by taking the kids to Young’s Dairy. This was on of my kid’s favorite places to go when they were young. You could get raw milk, cream, cheddar cheese, and some really great ice cream!! They had a petting farm and you could also see them milking the cows. My how things have changed!!! No more raw milk or cream and the petting farm is down to some goats, 2 chickens, 2 calves, 2 duck and 1 a loud lamb!! Havyn, Emeryn, Jeremy and Andie enjoyed the ice cream. Gordon and I stuck to hot chocolate…toooo cold for ice cream!!!

After the ice cream, it was down to Clifton Mill in Yellow Springs. They put on a Christmas light display that is spectacular. There had to be over a million lights!! Havyn enjoyed herself, however Emeryn was cold along with Nana & poppa!!! I have added a slide show so you can see what we saw, but it doesn't do it justice.

From there it was on over to Fairborn and Giovanni’s Pizza for not only Jeremy's birthday, but also some early Christmas celebration. John and Debbie met us for a pizza dinner...it is still the BEST!! Between the 8 of us we consumed 3 large pizzas, Havyn and Emeryn both had spaghetti,too…we also had a forth pizza made for carry out, nothing better than cold Giovanni’s Pizza.It was great being back in a familiar place where many great times have been celebrated.

It was a long day and both girls fell asleep on the ride home. The snow is falling and they are predicting 4 inches by morning…oh boy it has snowed almost every day we have been here!! Hope it was a memorable birthday for his first birthday in cold Ohio…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY

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