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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fernandina Beach, Florida

We settled in at the Amelia Island Yacht Basin, luckily we were in the first slip from the bulkhead. This works out really well for Schooner and since they have a nice grassy area, Schooner is really happy. I checked in with friends Linda and Ally and Linda took me for a haircut…yippee…last haircut was in Surf City, NC!!! At least I will look good for Christmas.

I have been working on Emeryn’s Christmas stocking. but have hit a blockade. I have no stuffing! I guess I will pack it and try to finish it in Ohio or it will wait for Christmas 2010. Speaking of packing, did you know how cold it is up in Ohio?? Neither Gordon nor I have a winter coat!!! I am, however, packing 2 sweaters and 2 pair of jeans and my long johns to try to stay warm. We are back to wearing shorts now, so it has been easy to pack. Nothing we are wearing is going into our bags. I have even packed a bag for Schooner with her 2 t-shirts, raincoat, treats and bones to occupy her on the plane. This is crazy… I never used a diaper bag for my kids and now I have a doggie bag for Schooner!!! No she is NOT spoiled!!!

Some of you may know we once lived here in Fernandina Beach; that was 1982-83. Just before we moved I spotted a girl downtown that looked just like a girl I had gone to college with. But what’s the chance a girl from Enid, Oklahoma would be in Fernandina Beach? Come to find out ,it was her and she is still here!!! Debbie and her husband Wes had us over for dinner and it was 1973 all over again!! Debbie had met my sister prior to coming to Oklahoma State and the to of us both pledged the same sorority ….yep ya never knew I was a sorority girl. Debbie and I quickly became the pledges of terror. We came up with some great pranks to use on our sisters and par took on one or more of the $1 pitchers of Coor’s Stillwater had to offer. Wes and Gordon left us after a few minutes of reminiscing and went to cook the steaks!!! I guess we bored them. It was a great time after all those years to catch up. We have 2 other sorority sisters not far from here so we will have to plan a DZ reunion next year!! Debbie gave us her car so we could get around for a few days before we fly north…what a lifesaver it has been. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you Debbie and Wes!!

And wouldn’t you know… our bestes friend Dan and Debbie, stopped over night here, too!! We got to show them a bit of Fernandina Beach and take them to dinner at the Seaside Inn. We had great seating to look out at the ocean but a heavy fog rolled in and all we saw was soup!! Dinner was fantastic and again it was great to spend time with them. They were off early the next morning and wish them safe travels until we catch up to them again!!

We are picking up our rental car to get us to the airport, 6AM flights require not asking friends for a ride!!! Soon we will be in the home state of icy cold Ohio!!!

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