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Friday, March 21, 2008

So much for leaving!

Well, (a deep subject) we went to bed about 9 last night after walking Schooner. Checked with 2 other boaters who were leaving with us....it was a clear and beautiful evening, about 83*, a big bright moon, and winds ESE at 6-8 knots.

Forward...2am.....thunder, lighting, hail, rain and N at 25 knot winds!!! In the rush to close up windows, hatches and the enclosure we both end up soaked and are awake for what seemed like hours!! Now at 6 am we are listening to the weather god and guess what?? The cold front moved farther south and faster than anticipated...duh as if I couldn't have guessed that one!!

So we will remain here in Spanish Wells today and try again tomorrow. Gordon says actually this front will have helped us because we can move farther faster now that it's here today instead of tomorrow....if that makes sense??!!?

Have a Happy Easter if I don't get back with this before then.

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andie said...

Happy Easter! I'm soooooo jealous looking at your photos. I just said to Jeremy I wish we could go visit you! Love you guys