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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spanish Wells, Bahamas

We arrived here in Spanish Wells two weeks ago. The weather has kept us here in the Yacht Haven tied securely to the dock. We have had winds up to 35knots and some rain.
We have been taking the water ferry to Jeans Bay on No. Eleuthera almost daily where our best friend Perry Neilly picks us up and takes to Current. Gordon has been helping set up a community computer center at the library there. This will eventually provide 4 computers available to the community and Internet services to visitors to Current. Most of my time has been spent visiting our friends and walking the beach with Schooner.

It looks like we will have a decent weather window tomorrow so we will head south to either Cape Eleuthera or Highbourn Cay, Exuma. Hopefully we'll meet up with "BESO" here in the next couple days.


Gerard McLean said...

Kim, looks good!!!

Rosanne Johnson said...

I'm going to try this again!! Glad you are there and enduring the winds...same here....really strong!! We are finished with the contractor and crews now...just have to paint the two spare bedrooms and re-carpet...wondering how we're going to fit the furniture....sure is taking a long time to re-adjust!! Keep in touch, and have a great time!! Rose and Tom

Patti Emmel said...

Good luck as you go sailing off into the big blue yonder. It must be great to see the world from the waterway prospective. Do you see a big green glow coming from Ohio? That is me glowing green with envy. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Kim, you're doing a great job on your blog. I've really enjoyed reading your entries and enjoyed even more the pictures posted with them. The Water is absolutely GORGEOUS!. It gives the Adriatic Sea some real beauty competition!
Mary and Fred