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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stella Maris, Long Island, South Bahamas

On to Stella Maris, Long Island….. we got information early Monday morning we had better get south or we would be stuck! So we left early for us, although not too soon for the NO SE UMS….and had another good day at sea. We were just ahead of a thunderstorm and a cruise ship until it passed us. The ”Volendam” was so big and so close even I could read the name without binoculars! I could count on one hand the number of boats we have seen the last three days and at least for awhile it was nice to have company! We reached the channel to the marina on the falling tide…and when I say shallow I mean shallow. We were able to clean the bottom fairly well and only got stuck once. Gordon threatened to charge them for dredging the channel!
Anyway, it’s a small marina, awkward to get on and off the boat, but everyone is friendly and helpful. Chip and Kay (BESO) helped us get tied up and it is good to meet up again with friends. It started storming about an hour after getting in so our timing was great, but it’s a bit boring now without TV. We have finally reached the outer limits of Direct TV, so someone keep me up to date on Survivor please!!

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