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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still in Provo

Yes, we are still in Provo, but what a place to be stuck in! This is a very progressive island and very welcoming to tourists. Their income is derived from some tourism but not dependant of it. We were able to find only 3 shops that sold exclusive TCI products, trust me we looked and checked them all out!
There are the (Chinabrand) souvenir shops around the major hotels and a couple of Duty Free stores there as well. I did manage to pick up a few things…LOL

The rest of the time has been spent cleaning!! Yes, you still have to clean, even in paradise. I washed all the walls, ceiling and floors down and re-arranged the salon. We are expecting Andie, Jeremy and Havyn in June and I was looking at options for making more space for everyone. Like that can be done!!

We are waiting out the cold front that many of you experienced the last couple of days. The temperature has dropped (85° now) and the wind is blowing hard from the north, but it is a nice break from the temperatures earlier this week (95°).

Gordon has been working at catching up the logbook and website, fixing the AC, cleaning filters, and testing the different Rums and beers of TCI. I did buy myself a bottle of rum, but it was from Mexico and I really just wanted the bottle. I guess we’ll suffer through drinking the rum though!!

We did however, download a program that lets us talk by way of our computer for free, as long as we can get internet. It’s really neat, I was able to talk to Andie and Havyn yesterday and Patrick last night, and Gordon talked to Erika. What's funny is when I call their dogs and they recognize my voice but can't find me! They both have video cams on their computers so I could see them. I will have to wait to get back stateside to get one for us. Until then they don’t get to see us, only hear us. If any of you are interested, check out www.SKYPE.COM.


The Quint Family said...

That bottle is so cool! Is it a glass palm tree on the inside?

The Quint Family said...

Check this out: http://peekabouquet.blogspot.com/
This will be going on my website as well!