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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Thursday morning we got up and went snorkeling. The water was about 80°, but there wasn‘t much to see, although Chip was able to spot an octopus hiding among the rocks.
The weather started to look promising, so it was a mad dash back to the boats and in record time we were headed out! Found an anchorage north of Stella Maris, just off shore in Calabash Bay (see picture). The weather wasn’t as great as we thought and we rocked the whole night. I was glad to get up and move early the next morning.

About 6 hours (for us) due east south east of Long Island is the Island of Rum Cay. It is about 4miles by 5miles square and has a booming population of 100! There are 3 churches, 2 groceries and 2 restaurants “in the town” of Port Nelson, besides the Sumner Point Marina where we are.
The Bahamian government was pumping a lot of money in here about a year ago by paving the roads, adding stop signs, (although I have only seen golf carts, no cars) and dredging the channel and harbor. By the way gasoline here is going for $5.49 a gallon!! OUCH! There is a large, 1000-acre development under way and they say we won’t recognize this place next year

So for now, we will pass the time snorkeling, swimming, beach walking and enjoying the tropics!! We are now below the Tropic of Cancer! Another milestone accomplished!

We plan to stay here until this next weather front passes (Sunday), and then make a shot at Mayaguana (maybe I’ll finally see a flamingo) and then the Turks and Caicos.

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The Quint Family said...

Jeremy's next break will be in June when he has a month off. It will be our last vacation for a while since he'll be graduating and while we can still fly Havyn for free. Plus, for our anniversary last year I sat at home alone and we didn't celebrate it at all. I'd like to do something special for him to congratulate him for graduating school. Obviously it would be an early graduation present. I'm hoping I'll be able to make enough money through my website to pay for tickets. Plus, you guys get to see Havyn! She has grown a lot and is surprising me every minute with the things she can do and say. I can't believe she's 16 months old! And, yes, I broke down and cut her stringy hair! I'm still growing it out long though! Love you guys! xoxo