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Friday, April 25, 2008


We have left Provo and are now back on Long Island, Bahamas, but let me explain how we got here!

First off we lost all Internet on Saturday, April 19, what a bummer that was. I couldn’t let anyone know we were going to leave Provo and start heading north. We had rain most of the day Sunday, after we washed down the boat and cleaned the glass, which added 3 more inches to the annual rainfall. (It always amazes me, if I wash down the boat it WILL rain!) Monday morning we waited for Immigration to come check us out…this is a long wait as the “HOOTERS” boat came in early this morning and customs and immigration were all over the boat with dogs. About noon we left the marina for Little Pine Cay and lay at anchor for the night.

Gordon and I did a bit of swimming and dingy exploring with Schooner until sunset and called it a night.

The weather god (Chris Parker) was correct with the weather forecast and the water was like glass, with only a moderate swell and we sailed for the whole 10hr. run to Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana. The 3 boats started out just fine, but our friends on “BELLEZA” experienced some problems and had to return to Provo. Once there we had to make the obligatory jaunt to the beach for Schooner to do her do. It was good to be on solid ground and we did find some sea beans to add to our many others.

We headed out bright and early the next morning for Atwood Harbor, Acklins Island. That wasn’t a very good evening except for the sunset, which was spectacular! Gordon and I did make a quick landing for Schooner, but we’re in bed by 8pm. All the fresh air does wear me out!!

Any way we are now in Clarence Town, Long Island and “BELLEZA” has caught up with us once again. It looks like we will be here until Sunday by all weather predictions. I hope to catch up with some of you with SKYPE, as we have Internet…but still no TV!

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