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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maryland Update

I forgot to tell you about our visit to the Navel Academy yesterday. We walked over to the gate and showed them our ID’s and then proceeded to the visitor’s center. We made a pass through the gift shop and looked over the displays inside before walking the grounds. What an awesome place to see. It takes a lot of dedication to go to school here!! It’s 4 years of boot camp along with college courses and every one participates in a sport!! Maybe that’s why we don’t see Navy in the BCS!! I just wanted you to know that I have the greatest respect for all of our service men and women, but especially any who attend an Academy.

We are now in Baltimore, Md. This is the farthest north we have ventured on the boat and when we left Annapolis this morning I was wondering if we were making the right choice. We woke up to 56° temperatures!! More than a 15° drop from the day before. It did start to warm slowly, but only reached a high of 77° at 3:00pm when we arrived here. It didn’t take us too long to make our way to the water taxi and find Little Italy! A really nice lady who saw we were lost, directed us to an “off the beaten path” Italian restaurant. (Chiapparrelli’s) It was fabulous!! Now 4 hours later, I’m still tasting garlic!! We took the water taxi the long way home and the city was beautiful at sunset. After a long day the bed looks good too, plus I’m excited to see more tomorrow!!

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