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Friday, September 26, 2008


Can I spell WALK??? I can probably escort any of you around this town by now. We have walked and walked until my legs won’t carry me any more. This morning, we started out walking (about 7seven blocks) until we caught a bus that took us out to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, site of the famous scene in the Rocky movies where Stallone runs up a long, outdoor staircase. We kind of ran up the Museum steps, at least the first 9 steps, (one step more than Stallone did in Rocky) before taking a look around the museum grounds.

From there we headed toward town, down the Franklin Parkway,
with stops at the Rodin Museum, for pictures of Gordon as the “Thinker” and Logan Square, where the Franklin Institute of Science is. Schooner enjoyed the walk and was eager for a rest at the fountain. (We have now walked close to 3 miles not counting the exhibits.)

After a short break at the fountain, we continued walking to the Reading Terminal and “Rick’s” for another great Cheese Steak! After lunch (2:00 pm) we took a tour of the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania. It was built in 1873 and is home to the oldest, continually existing fraternal organization in the U.S. Gordon was in awe! We were each given a special pin to wear from the current Grand Master of Pennsylvania.

Following our tour of the Masonic Temple,

our walk continued past the City Hall and to Macy’s, where we looked at that pipe organ

I mentioned before. When we came out of Macy’s, Gordon struck up a conversation with one of Philly’s finest, a CSI officer!!! He told us all about an officer who had been killed earlier that day, guns, baseball and places to eat and see!! He was really a nice guy and fun to talk to…he didn’t believe we had walked so far and had soooo much farther to walk to get home!!! He told us to be careful and we were on our way to Chinatown (not as big as San Francisco's.) Now it’s getting late (5:00pm) and every place is closing up so we picked up the pace, headed home and called it a day!

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The Quint Family said...

Love the pics... I really wish I could see what you are seeing too. Not to mention bite into a real Philly cheese steak! I can't wait to see the NYC photos too! Love you guys