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Friday, September 5, 2008


The last few lazy days have been really lazy. We left Norfolk on Wednesday morning. It was cloudy with a slight mist, but HOT. Just a few miles down the harbor, we met up with a Coast Guard Cruiser
preparing to escort one of our Nuclear Subs out to sea. We were instructed to pull over to the Port side of the channel and maintain our speed. We complied and Gordon put us on cruise control and began snapping away with the camera. Pretty cool!!! We got to see the sailors take in their flags, even waving to us. Oh yea, we were only about 25yards away at one point!! This was the most exciting thing we have experienced in a long time!!!

Once we cleared Norfolk Harbor, passing Old Point Comfort and the Old Point Comfort Light,
we headed north toward Chesapeake Bay. We rounded Thimble light and
headed up the York River towards Yorktown.

We arrived in Yorktown around 2:30 PM and did the tourist thing, visiting the Battlefield Park

and Victory Center, checking out the antique shops and enjoying some fine dining at the Riverwalk Restaurant.
On Thursday evening, the dock master told us we would need to move due to the impending storm, Hanna!! So, on Friday morning, we moved the boat across the river to the York River Yacht Haven. Here, we are sandwiched in between 2 BABs (big ass boats) and tied in tight. And so, we will await Hanna’s arrival!!

On another note… Gordon left a glass of water on his desk. That doesn’t sound so bad, but it tipped over on the move across the river and onto his laptop keyboard!!! Good thing he bought the no fault warranty!! We rented a car and took the computer to Best Buy, who is sending it to their service center to make sure it “doesn’t” work…LOL. We will know something in 7-10 days and can then get him a replacement at any Best Buy down the road. He is still bummed over it and now I’m the one sharing “my” computer!

While we were out, we also got dinner at “Red Robin,” a gourmet hamburger restaurant. Great burgers and awesome onion rings. Manager EJ was exceptional to us…I guess because it was very quiet for a Friday night due to storm warnings!! But, the food was terrific and the staff more friendly than one can imagine. If y’all ever have the opportunity to eat at a Red Robin, make sure you do. You’ll not be disappointed!!

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