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Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in the Capital

Sunday we were in no rush to get moving, with rain pouring down most of the night, but we knew we had put off the crossing to DC long enough. We left ST Michaels at 9:30 yesterday morning and finally saw some sun about an hour after leaving the dock. I had the Sunday Washington Post to keep me occupied for the first 2 hours and then I went to work on doing some waxing...not on me, but the boat deck!! I was able to wax the top salon deck, including the sides before the water got too choppy to be safe to continue. Really, it was a nice run south with a gentle breeze blowing in our favor!! By the time we made the turn into the Potomac River, it was almost dark and we were in for a long cool night. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate traveling at night, espically in a busy river?? Most of you know I am blind in one eye and can't see out of the other, have no depth perception at night and suffer with night blindness on top of not being able to see!!! I have a hard time telling if a ship is coming or going, what and how big it is going to be and I am nagging Gordon until he sends me below. I must say I didn't last as long as normal, but I can blame that on being tired from working as Gordon steered. Thank heaven for Sirrus Radio and Fox News for keeping him awake. He said it really wasn't too busy, just a few barges and a cruise ship to contend with along with being cold!!!

I was back topside shortly after sunrise and it was absolutely beautiful!! The fog was lifting from the hillsides of the Potomac as we slid along with the current. There is alot of time that passes before there are things to see and it was mid-morning by the time we were up to Mount Vernon. You could see people and buses all around the Washington home and grounds. We are planning to stop on the way back and anchor off and dingy in to take the tour.

We got to see Ft Washington, and it is amazing to think of the British ships taking the same path as we are. There is history all around and only if the trees, land or water could talk!!
An hour north, and we were pulling into the National Harbor for fuel...Gordon figured it would be cheaper there than in DC. We took on 50 gallons, so we will be full on arrival at the Gang Plank. National Harbor is a rather new marina facility with all kinds of shopping and restaurant. The Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center is also located there and you are only 10 minutes from Dulles Airport and downtown DC.

We were surprised at how empty the marina was, especially with all of the ammenities, but we plan to stop back there at the end of the month. Of course, for now, that computes to another hour and some for us to get to the Gangplank Marina, in DC, get in and call it a day!!!

Right after the National Harbor Marina, you go under the 'new' Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Then, as you near Washington, you pass by Alexandria,Virginia, another cool city on the schedule to visit while here. We were finally tied up at 3:30 at dock I-21, home for the next 30 days. The AC was turned on, Internet hooked up, showers taken, dinner cooking, and the bed calling!!!

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ohioredsfan said...

Tell Gordon to say "hi" to his President while in DC. I am sure that the president can make time for him..LOL

Enjoy your visit and keep us informed.