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Monday, August 3, 2009

Crazy Days of Summer

It has been some kind of crazy around here. We have been cleaning up the boat…again and re-arraigning the storage. No more MRE's!!! We are removing those items that we have not used in the last 3 years to make more room in the storage areas for the things we do use. I would like to get our food inventory down to a more manageable amount even having it computerized isn’t working. We still buy more than we need and more of what we like and other items get pushed back. I’m sure every kitchen in America is about the same!!

Saturday, we had friends visit. Karen, who was our kid’s babysitter and Patrick’s first “gurlfriend”, and her husband Ross and 2 boys, Trent And Reid, came in for a visit. They live here now in Bel Aire which is a suburb of Baltimore. Also, Emily, her husband Chris and baby girl, Harper, from Toledo came too, they were here visiting with Karen. After a lunch nearby, they all took a tour of the boat before heading home. It was so nice to see them all and enjoyed catching up on their lives and families. You know you are getting old when the “kids” you knew, now have kids the age of your own when you met them. Scarry!!

Sunday, was a rain all day day. so I spent the better part of it watching soccer on TV. Thank heaven for FSC on Direct TV you can watch a match at most any time of the day every day!! Gordon spent his time working on our family trees. He has been able to trace my tree back to the mid 1500’s. And I have some pretty interesting people who are related!! Sarah Palin, Richard Gere Katharine Hepburn, Julia Child, Chevy Chase, Wilbur and Orvil Wright, to namedrop!! He has been up late on his computer every night and has come up with a lot of information on his family, too!!

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ohioredsfan said...

Don't we all usually have more food than we need. Seems if the cabinet is not full then we must fill it up. Of course the food we thought we needed but didn't eat gets shoved to the back, to never be used.

The family tree research is a lot of fun. I took my side of the family back to the mid-1200's in England. I just did direct descendants search. My goal for the coming year is to go back and start working on the other branches.