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Sunday, August 23, 2009

St Michaels

St Michaels is located on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake, south of Baltimore and is a step back in time, as the pace is slow and the town quaint. For the most part it, like many of the small towns that line the Chesapeake, is mostly a vacation town. The wealthy of Baltimore came here in the summer to get away from the city and to fish and sail. Much of that is still present today.

We sailed over in about 8 hours, but a power boat could easily do it in 2. It wasn't too long after arrival that it started raining and we were stuck on the boat, unable to get out and about. Also we had no phone service; imagine that!! The boat got her wash down really good and when we got going in the morning, there was still water in the streets. What stands out most for me is the large St. Michaels Parish, Episcopal, Christs Church and its bells. They chime every half hour and on the hour they play a song along with the hours chime. You can tell time without wearing a watch by them. They also have a large "old" cemetery that circles the church with graves dating back to the 1700's.

There is really only one street that hosts the many unique shops and restaurants! We were able to find a really cool place for lunch, St. Michaels Saloon!! Originally, a bank, it still has the large walk in vault that locks every night. I recommend the fresh shrimp salad sandwich, the best, east of Richmond, Indiana, that I have had!! Gordon had an original Reuben over-stuffed sandwich!!!

After lunch, we were off to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. The largest of its kind, with both indoor and outdoor displays, showing life of the Chesapeake Bay and how it formed early America. We walked so much, poor Schooner was tuckered out and almost had to be carried!! Like everyday lately, at about 4:30pm the rain started and we had to make a run to the boat and dry quarters.

Saturday morning is the local farmers market, it was almost rained out, but it stopped raining long enough for us to go out and pick out some fresh peaches, tomatoes, and corn. Later we took a walk around the community and I have put together a slide show of St Michaels for all of you to see. Looks like we will be here another day ...weather related...before making the all-nighter to Washington DC.

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