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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last Stop Before the USA

After 2 straight days of sailing, we finally arrived in West End, Grand Bahama. We started out from Treasure Cay at 7:45am on Tuesday morning and, after 10 plus hours on the heel, got to Great Sale Cay, which is about 16 miles north of Grand Bahama Island, at 6:00pm. We dropped anchor and, once we were secured, I tried my luck at fishing, but wound up only feeding the fish. I think my hook might be too small, as I get lots of strikes but catch nothing. (Gordon just thinks my reflexes are slow!)

On the positive side, we did run the generator for 4 hours without failure, so the night was not a complete loss. It was another hot night, however, and I didn’t get much sleep until Gordon pulled anchor this morning at 7:00am and turned a fan on me!! It was the best 2 hours sleep I’d had all night! The hum of the engine didn’t hurt either.

Schooner was a trooper during the trip. Although it was a long trip, she refused to poop on her pad, but at least relieved herself of pee there! She made haste getting off the boat when we got to West End though, and finally took care of “business!”

Having called yesterday to reserve a slip here at Old Bahama Bay Marina, and being told they were full through the weekend, we were surprised to find the place less than half full at 3:00pm today. And now, at 8:30pm, only a handful of boats have come in for dockage. It’s almost as if they don’t want boaters here!!

Also, I’m sorry to say that I lost my self-control today. We were told that the fueling station was on the port (left) side of the marina and arrived to see it was on the starboard (right) side of the marina. This was after Jeremy and I had set the boat and lines up for a port side tie. Gordon turned the boat around, however, and we were still able to tie up to the fuel dock on the port side, which is where our fuel inlet is located. Then, after securing the boat, the Dock Attendant told us that their hose wouldn’t reach and asked why we hadn’t pulled in with our starboard side to the dock. I was still trying to get a fender down, so I had pushed the boat away from the dock…. The hose reached just fine when we drifted back in!! Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly polite in my responses to him, but he seemed more worried about a pizza that was being delivered to the office than he was about our boat.

Upon leaving the fuel dock, another guy just started untying us and walked away. There we were, just floating away into another boat that had just tied up for fuel!! Well, we managed to miss the other boat and we also got a slip to stay in for the next two nights!! I have cooled down, after a swim in the pool and some AC, and am a once again my calm and serene self. LOL

On another positive note, as luck would have it, a local boy came by selling fresh conch and lobster (out of season now) and we had a great dinner of four fresh lobster tails for only $32! Gordon showed the boy how to get conch out with a drill and ice pick to save the shell. The kid said he’d never seen this done before and will now be able to double his money selling the conch for food and the shells to tourists! Be on the look out for small holes in the shells instead of the big slit!!

We will stay at Old Bahama Bay to celebrate Bahamian Independence Day tomorrow and hopefully show the kids some of Grand Bahama Island! The weather looks good for crossing on Friday, so hopefully, we’ll have a smooth crossing!! Yeah, back to the good old USA!!!

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