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Sunday, July 27, 2008


It has been a few crazy weeks! After getting back to the states I have been on the go, go, go!!! First I drove Andie, Jeremy and Havyn back to their home in Kennesaw, GA. While there, I helped do some landscaping and I now remember why I live on a boat! My Knee has hurt ever since. While there I went with Andie to her appointment with her midwife…yes, we add another family member on January 1.
My guess is for a boy, but I’m just the Nana. She really would like another girl for hand-me-down purposes. (Patrick wore a lot of pink the first few years!) After a week, I drove back to Jacksonville Beach and to the boat. Thinking we would be able to leave was my mistake… sometimes I forget “it’s a boat”. It wasn’t until Wednesday that the “generator” was fixed and ready to go, but that was ok it gave me a chance to clean up the inside… the outside was getting it’s daily rain shower!

We left on Thursday for Fernandina Beach, Fl. and visited our friend Linda. We go way back to before kids so it’s always fun to catch up. We got up and on our way early Friday and went outside to (means we took the ocean route, not the waterway) Charleston. It was again another wonderful sail except for all the night traffic. You had to stay awake on watch…Gordon!! We were at the entrance to Charleston Harbor at 6:00am (22hrs traveling) and passed at least 50 fishing boats on their way to fishing! We chugged in slowly because we couldn’t get our dock space until 8:30… this would have been great if it was bright and I would have been able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise but nooooo… it was cloudy and about to rain and as I think of it, it seems to be raining every time we dock here in Charleston!!!

Any way we are safe and enjoying all the fast foods of the USA!!! Six months of none sure makes you appreciate it much more. We are going to “Melvin’s” (eat your heart out Guy & Marilyn) tomorrow … a Charleston favorite for BBQ. The plan is to leave on Tuesday, for Morehead City, NC to see Walter & Linda for a couple days, then on north. I will try to do better keeping my blog going … I have a good excuse, we haven’t been where there is internet, another reason for the signal booster…right Chip?!?

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