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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Traveiing the ICW

It has been a few long days, but we are making some headway. We left Charleston on Tuesday, after officially registering to vote and arraigning for an absentee ballot. We made good time the first day, all the way (80miles) as I said to Wacca Wache Marina in South Carolina.
We got moving very early Wednesday morning (6:45am), and were making great time sailing with the current and the drawbridges were working in our favor until we got to Sunset Beach, North Carolina where there is a pontoon bridge… Yes, I said Pontoon Bridge. Well, the tide was extra low so the pontoon wasn’t able to float in order to open, so they temporarily closed it (like for five hours.) This was just after some fortunate landowner informed us of where we were compared to New York and Miami!! With this new information, we took a risk and went outside (into the ocean) the rest of the way to Southport, North Carolina. I can’t complain too much, but it was fairly rough the last two hours of the trip, with 4-6 foot seas hitting us broadside and rocking the bejeezes out of us. We got to Southport Marina though before Schooner and I lost our lunches. While in Southport, (a cute little southern town with no fast food joints), we managed to find a great place to have dinner. It’s called MR. P’s and it has some of the best food anywhere, as they actually have a chef! Gordon had local “Black Grouper Oscar”, that’s sautéed grouper, topped with fresh crabmeat and asparagus, covered with a red bell pepper hollandaise sauce. OOH How Luscious!! I had braised veal, over fresh cheese ravioli, covered with a fresh tomato, garlic, and shrimp butter sauce. UUMMMMMM!! I sound like the waiter!! Anyway it was great and not badly priced. So much for the diet, but aaanh we’ll survive!!

It all starts again tomorrow…………………

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