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Monday, July 7, 2008

Moving on

We are now in Treasure Cay, Abaco. After 2 days at Hope Town, we made a crossing to Great Guana Cay and the famous “NIPPER'S Beach Bar & Grill.” We left Hope Town around 9:30 am and headed north, arriving at Great Guana around 11:00am and that was a good thing. The 3rd leg of the Abaco Regatta ended here at 1:00pm and with that a large crowd decended upon the town!

Nipper’s is located on the ocean side of the island, up on the hillside. The beach lies on the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world (Australia & Belize are 1&2). Andie, Havyn, Schooner and I took advantage of cooling off in the water, while Gordon and Jeremy drank a beer and checked out the scantily clothed women!! (Old, with fake boobs and flat butts!) Havyn took to the dance floor and rocked to the calypso beat of Ronnie Butler, entertaining everyone. We enjoyed a great lunch (includung watermelon) and headed back to the boat for an hour and half cruise to Treasure Cay. Since we are having generator problems, it has been easier on all of us to stay in a marina, but we will still have at least 2 nights on the hook coming up!

Treasure Cay has a great Marina and is an easy walk to the beach. We spent the morning swimming and snorkeling, although there wasn’t much to see but sand!! Jeremy found some shells, but is still looking for the elusive shark tooth! We had lunch at the COCOA BEACH BAR & GRILL and Havyn pigged out on mine and Andie’s grouper and fries. Gordon has tired of fresh fish and had his beloved cheeseburger and Jeremy had 18 conch fritters!! We watched as an afternoon rain squall built up over the water and made it back to the boat just before it let down on us. We have missed many of the showers, but not this one!! There was lots of lightening and thunder, so of course, we lost power for a bit.

For all concerned, we have been watching the weather channel, Barometer Bob, & Sail flow, and keeping check on “BERTHA” (thanks John for wishing a storm on us) and we should be fine. Her path right now is north of us and Gordon thinks it will help get us back faster as the wind clocks to the southwest. But, we do have a watch on it and will do our best to be safe!!

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