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Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Days Before Christmas...

My how time has gone by!!! I remembered that it is important to rest when a 2 year old naps and have been trying to do so, but I have also neglected to keep up with this blog.

Gordon arrived here on the 16th and we have been trying to do shopping, baby sitting, and catching up with each other between all other things. Andie has been seeing the doctor about every other day; the baby has stopped thriving inside and now needs to get out. Last Thursday the doctors did a stress test and thought all would be OK, so she hiked to the top of Kennesaw Mountain before we went to Stone Mountain!!! We did alot of walking there...along with the sky tram, train, and the obligatory shopping. Havyn got to see the
Snow Angel, Santa and his elves. Then we all enjoyed a Laser Light show done to Christmas music! Havyn was a trooper. All day without a nap and definately off schedule!! Her favorite activity was the train, although she kinda slept the last 10 minutes of the ride!!

The whole weekend was rainy and now, cold weather has moved back in for the next few days...I should have guessed that would do the number on Andie!! Today at her doctors appointment, they sent her directly to the hospital!! That was at noon!! It is now almost 9:30pm and still no baby, and today is Jeremy's birthday, too!! We're hoping now that we get some good news before midnight!!! As soon as we know what's going on, we'll let everyone know!

PS If you notice my hair is darker...I decided to get young....er looking. Yes, I'm brown again!! No comments necessary!!!

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