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Thursday, December 25, 2008


I know I'm getting old when I go to a birthday party and everyone there could be my daughter/grandchild. Havyn celebrated her 2nd birthday with her play group this morning. There were 21 kids under the age of 3 and the noise level was incredible!!!
What do you do with 2-3 year olds at a birthday party, you ask? Prevent fights, clean hands and faces,change diapers and pick up toys...lots of toys!!! I was exhausted and had to nap this afternoon. Havyn received lots of books (I will have to read) and a couple puzzles. Tommorrow is her official birthday so we will have a small party (all 4 of us)and open family presents. I hope to get some pictures and then figure out how to get them on the computer and then here. That's been Gordon's job!

Speaking of Gordon, he is safetly in Jax Beach. He was outside for 22 hours and came back in at Mayport. He went straight to the marina and has now caught up on his sleep and back to fiddling with the boat. The weather there is in the 60's and tommorrow he is taking down all the canvas to clean and have some velcro replaced. He plans to do some stainless polishing, too! I think he should pace himself and spread out the jobs over the next couple weeks...but I'm not going to miss helping!!

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Catherine said...

Dear Kim & Gordon, thanks for the updated blog site. FYI, we did get Garry one of those knives at St. Augustine. He thinks it might be a tiny bit smaller than Gordon's, about a 2" blade & blue color. We're down to N. Lake Worth, waiting for Marathon people to go offshore & down to our slip with them. Hope to get in about Dec. 20th. Happy holidays! Catherine & Garry Johnson, s/v Windkist4