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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another day in Kennesaw

OK, so I've recovered from the birthday party, shopping and playtime at the indoor playground. (It has rained the last 3 days) Now I'm ready to get back to the boat and resume my retired life! I know now why you have children while your young!! It has been fun spending time with Havyn though...she has been more responsive to me this time and it's Nana, Nana, Nana. I am doing things I haven't done in 20 some years! Andie has nicknamed me "Nana Clause". (Grandparents prerogative) I bought Havyn an advent calendar, a really nice wooden one with 24 doors of many size openings. (www.ByersChoice.com) So Gordon and I had bought 24 little presents (socks, toys, and of course candy!) for Havyn to open each day before Christmas...It has become a ritual each morning for Havyn to get up and open her door and check for the candy...not so interested in the other items!!! Mom doesn't care too much for her having candy!!!

I'm hoping to get to the Georgia Aquarium later this week so I will have some pictures to post. Otherwise, it's a boring life... as for Gordon, he has been keeping busy on the boat...he finished getting the Bimini top fixed (new Velcro) and back stretched so it will fasten, got all the stainless polished and fixed the radio and speaker system that had become loose. Today he is putting the insides back together because he too is having rain!! The only good thing about the rain is the temperature is warmer!! (Oh yea, and Lake Lanier is adding water!)

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Kent said...

Hi Kim:
I am finaly set up to leave a reply. Marilyn says hi.
We both have been following your blog. More later.

Kent and Marilyn