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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a Typical Day

I had a mid-day flight today. And said my goodbyes with tears, of course!! It was quite windy and we arrived in Atlanta 25 minutes early if you can believe that!! That would have been great if I had gotten to see the kids again, but I was able to leave concourse D and walk (NO tram) to concourse A. I wish I could say the rest of the trip went as well. We didn’t get away from the gate on time so we were 45 minutes late getting into Orlando. Gordon and Schooner were there to meet me and it’s hard to say which missed me more! If you haven’t ever been to the Orlando airport, hope that one day you will. It is really nicely laid out and set up for today’s traveler and the TSA! Also, I think Disney had something to do with the planning in order to move so many people, what a difference from Atlanta!! It was a short drive back to Daytona and my bed that I was looking forward too!! Not that sleeping at Sonia’s was bad…just that there is nothing like your own bed!

I could have slept all day but we had a car for another day and that means there are errands to run and groceries to buy. Gordon did let me sleep in some and then took me to lunch at Hounddogs for hotdogs before we set out shopping.

We had all of our errands taken care of so we drove up to Ormand Beach to see the largest Harley Davidson Dealership in this here USA. The guy who built it also has the dealership here in Daytona but after a falling out with the city council he built in Ormand Beach and has pretty much moved the Bike Week up there. We had heard about how fantastic it all was during Bike Week and it was all true! There is a campground, motel,
Pig Stand BBQ, moto cross track. a Buell, Triumph, & Ducati dealership along with the Harleys, numerous bars, pubs, saloons and other related shopping . And don’t forget a Tattoo Parlor!! I don’t know how many acres but plenty of them and room to expand. It’s its own little city there at I-95 and 1. As another side trip, we visited the labs of Hawaiian Tropic, my favorite suntan lotions and now have many free samples for our guests. Who would have thought this place wasn't in Hawaii???

It was a good day all around.

As Gordon traveled north, he found that our drop in cooler wasn’t cooling…blown condenser and the coffee maker was leaking really bad! A call to a refrigeration company solved the cooler problem, it is covered by warranty and a call to Sears for a new coffee maker should solve that problem. Only time will tell…nothing could be this simple…were dealing with a boat!!!

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