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Monday, April 27, 2009


Gordon has been keeping doing “his” projects…he put in a bathroom cabinet where Hunter must have thought one wasn’t necessary. It will hold all his shaving stuff and we should have a clear counter. It seems to take forever to get something done and the salon of the boat is covered in sawdust and tools. He doesn’t want to put tools away just to get them out again!! We have ridden our bikes to the marine surplus store sooo many times now even the bike knows the way. It has saved us on the teak trim though.

We took Sunday night off and walked to the ballpark to watch a game. The Daytona Cubs are a high-A pro team (mostly 18-22 year olds) who play in the Florida State League. Daytona Cubs are affiliated with the Chicago Cubs
and they played the Lakeland Flying Tigers of the Detroit Tiger Club. Daytona won 5 to 3. The game was fun to watch and we were able to sit about 20 yards off the middle of the first base line at eye level. There is another game on Tuesday at 10:30am for all the local schools, that one might be crowded, but we will attend some more games while here!!

Speaking of riding bikes, we have been riding them a lot! Even Schooner has been going with us…running what tail she has off!! The last couple days we have taken her over to the park and she runs the bike path between Gordon’s and my bike. So far no accidents but I see one coming!! (lLol)

And while I’m still laughing…remember the coffee maker that broke?? We called Sears for the complete coffee maker part on Friday and they sent us a glass carafe today!! Gordon called them back, only to find out that you can only get what we need in parts all 15 of them and Gordon will have to put it all together…We can buy a whole new microwave/coffee maker (with warranty) for $50 more than the parts costs…duh!! Now we have both coming and we’ll see which works out best…what the hell!!

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