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Saturday, April 18, 2009


It never occurred to me that it could be cold in Oklahoma in April, but it was today. I am pretty used to the wind blowing, but boy oh boy does it ever blow here, only dust not water. I sure don’t remember it being like that when I lived here…other than the tornado warnings!! In one day, it was a cold 45º when we got up, 76º while watching another soccer game at 3:00pm with winds at 25mph, then by 7:00pm, dark clouds and rain like buckets and back in the 50’s! God loves Oklahoma, cause I sure couldn’t live like that daily…just gives me an even 75º and I’ll be happy!!!

While in Norman, Sonia and I spent some time sorting through belongings of our parents. Mother has been gone for 10 years and Dad now 5 years…it was time!! I can’t believe how bad cigarette smoke can permeate everything and still smell so bad after 5 years. It was like the day we packed it up. Funny thing is, most of the things we each took from their home is in storage, Sonia’s in Norman and mine in Mobile! But we were able to sort Dad’s elephants and Mother’s jewelry, send Patrick the Guy Buffet pictures, and work on doing something with the doll collection since none of our children want them. All in all we did accomplished a lot but Sonia still has the job of sorting pictures…some of people we don’t even know!!! Do your children a favor and write on the backs of pictures; who it is and approximate date, you never know when you won’t be there to tell someone!!!

Sonia and Zoey introduced me tonight to Wii, I am trying to figure out how I could use one on this boat…what fun. I will pay for this tomorrow when my arm hurts from bowling and baseball!! Bring on the Biofreeze!

In the mean time, while I have been in Oklahoma, Gordon and Schooner moved the boat from Ft Pierce to Daytona Beach. He had a quiet sail up the ICW making stops in Melbourne and Titusville. Schooner is glad to be stable again after the chilly ride north. I am sorry to say goodbye to Rose and Tom, as it was a most enjoyable month there. I look forward to meeting up with you again …in Baltimore this summer!!

One more soccer game tomorrow and then I will be heading back to Florida!

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