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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Traveling to OKC

So, I was up at 3:30am to catch my ride from Rose who was taking me to Orlando to catch my flight to Oklahoma City. Way too early to complain and we made it to the airport without any problems and time to spare although there is nothing open at 6:30am to look at or enjoy at the airport!!
I had a great flight to Atlanta where I met up with Andie, Havyn and Emeryn for about an hour. Poor Havyn is in the middle of potty training and refuses to use public restrooms, especially the auto flush style one that if you move in the least it flushes and sprays your backside with it. She proceeded to do her “teetee dance” and beg to go home so she could potty for 45 straight minutes! I enjoyed the little time I had holding Emeryn, she has grown so much since I last saw her. Andie looked good, and I felt bad that she had driven so far for suck a short visit. Traffic in Atlanta on the 15th was horrendous due to the “TEA PARTY” and all those Republican terrorists who gathered there!!

From Atlanta to OKC was uneventful and we arrived just a bit late. I met up with my sister Sonia to start a 5-day visit. Our first stop was at a place called “Johnny’s”. This restaurant is talked about on a favorite TV show of Gordon’s and mine on TNT called Saving Grace. The show takes place in OKC, so it was fun to stop at a place I’ve heard about but never been. OKC has grown and changed so much as has Moore and Norman, they just all run together and you don’t know when one starts and the other ends. We arrived in Norman in time to head off to the soccer field to see my grandniece, Zoey play. It was fun to watch soccer although it is hard to get used to 9-10 year olds playing on a small field and short sided (8v8). Also, funny to hear parents complain about the young referee. (Who I thought did an outstanding job...hate to remember what was said about me at times!!) I was exhausted, but stayed up late just talking; it had been over a year since I had seen Sonia even though we talk on the phone about once a week!

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