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Friday, May 8, 2009

First Week of May

It’s hard to believe another week has passed… life in paradise! We have been busy detailing the exterior of the boat. First job was washing all the dirt and bird pooh off! That took the better part of a day and two very sun burnt peoples! Yes, we used sunscreen, and again I truly believe I burn more with it than without it!!! I worked under the Bimini and waxed the cockpit and treated the teak, while Gordon started all the way up at the bow using “Finesse” an abrasive to clean up the oxidation that had built up. This is a long process and all of a sudden it looks like summer has come to Daytona.

You can only work a couple hours in the morning, then a couple hours after 4:00pm works out, too! The in between time, Gordon has been working on his cabinets.

The microwave/ coffee pot came as one unit, so that was an easy install. He didn’t have to do much wood working there, but the head (bathroom) cabinet required total destruction and reconstruction to look like a cabinet when finished. It now looks like it was part of the original build down to the hardware he ordered from Hunter. All of his stuff is tucked away neatly now and not falling about when underway!!

The new cabinet over the washer has taken a bit longer for him. He put many hours of thought into this before the first cut was made.

The opening is 15” X 24” and has about a clear 6½” depth for most of that, although he is going to frame it up to give us a portion that will be 20” deep and 6½ wide. It is wide and tall enough to hold a couple gallon bottles (of TIDE). We haven’t decided what will be stored in this space, but I am in favor of putting all the cleaning products there so that they would all are in one place. Gordon suggested he could put all his filters and engine lubricants in there. I will inform you as to who wins this one!!!

It all hasn’t been work though!! We have managed to make it to 3 more baseball games! It’s really kind of fun. At the Thursday night games, it’s “Thirsty Thursdays” so you can get a 12oz beer or coke for $1. I am waiting for the “Monday Night Belly Buster” game where with the gate admission of $11, it’s all you can eat hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, popcorn and peanuts!!! Makes for a cheap date night…since Gordon is emulating our President and taking me out!!

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