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Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!!

Can't believe it's already May and almost half of this year is done!! We have been doning more projects on the boat. Gordon now has all the hardware to finish the locker in the head and a new saw to complete a cabinet above the washing machine. We rode the bikes to Sears at the Volusia Mall (12 miles RT) to get him his saw, but I got to pick lunch and chose Jimmie John's. A great sandwich place and of course we ate too much for that ride back!!

I jinxed the no accidents on the bikes the other day... Gordon not me!! LOL He dropped off the sidewalk onto the grass and it was as if he was the little man from Laugh-in!! After 3 wet wipes we had him cleaned up enough to finish the trip back to the boat!! The bad thing was he hit a palm tree on his way down and stove up his "good" shoulder... a skinned knee and elbow and alot of bruised ego. I wish I had photos but he wouldn't let me take any:)

Plan to work on waxing the decks of the boat this week-end weather permitting. good luck betting on the Derby!

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The Quint Family said...

OMG! Maybe old guys shouldn't ride bikes! <3