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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I finally have some time to sit down and tell you all of our weekend. We arrived in Fernandina Beach, Florida, after 4 days of traveling in the rain, on Thursday afternoon. Gordon filled up our tank with diesel and we took our place along the dock there at the city marina and watched it rain some more. Andie and her family (a 2year old, a 5mo. old and a German Shorthaired Pointer) are to arrive on Friday afternoon and this boat can get really small, especially if it is raining!

The family arrived on schedule and after we calmed down Schooner and Mauser, we walked into town and had a super dinner at The Marina Inn, a diner-like restaurant. Everyone enjoyed their dinner including Havyn, who ate all of her grouper and applesauce! We got back in time to walk the dogs before a late shower soaked the boat.

The weather looked O.K. when we all got moving on Saturday morning, so it was off to the farmers market, which is held downtown on Saturday mornings. You can get the most wonderful focciasia bread there and we bought 2!! We also got a pint of blueberries, which Havyn ate all of that afternoon!

Later, we split up and the guys went to the grocery store while Andie, Havyn, Emeryn and I hit the streets for some shopping. It was a lot of fun walking the streets and browsing shops. Andie, the girls and I stopped for lunch at CafĂ©’ Karibo to get out of the rain mostly, but the lunch was very good and filling. We met back up with Gordon and Jeremy and headed for the beach. The only thing Jeremy wanted to do was find a shark’s tooth, because we had told him how good Fernandina beach was for finding them. He had dreamed of finding a really big one!!! We walked and looked where I had always been able to find sharks teeth but none were to be found…we even tried to play a joke on Jeremy and toss some that I had found on previous visits. He caught Andie when the one she tossed flew by him to the sand! We were about to give up when a local woman showed us all the teeth she had found that afternoon,(a film can full!) and she gave Jeremy a sand shark tooth so he could look at it as he looked for more! Well that was all it took!! Jeremy was able to find 3 more small teeth and 1 bigger one just laying in a tire track!! He is still asking if we put it there…I promise Jeremy we didn’t! It wasn’t the 3inch he was hoping for, but it was a really nice 1.5 inch Mackerel Shark tooth. Gordon also found his first and Andie found 2. I on the other hand found zero, but all in all it was a good hunt.

Sunday was spent with walks between showers and more beaching and Gordon grilling steaks for dinner. It was a great day spent with family.
The kids left after lunch on Monday and after trying to get some pictures of Havyn and Emeryn in their matching sailor dresses (and that didn’t go so well but it was the thought that counted!)

Both girls have spent their first time aboard the boat at 5 months and now Havyn is an old pro at moving about it. I can’t wait until she can travel again with us.

In the morning it is off to St Simon Island…

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