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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hospital trip!!

We were up at 4:00am that morning …way too early for Schooner and I!! We were at the at the hospital by the appointed hour of 5:30am only to sit and wait, and wait till 7:30am when they finally took G down to surgery. How exciting it is to sit in a hospital waiting room!! Schooner refused to sit on the floor, I don’t blame her it was freezing in there, so she was cuddled up in my lap so we could both stay warm!!

What was to be a 1 hour surgery turned into 2 hours and 45 minutes and still know word from anyone…about to go find some food, a very young doctor finally called me into the hallway. He looked about 16 with a very bad 5:00 shadow. He did let me know all had gone well, he had lost count of the numerous stones he had blasted away and I could see G in about 30 minutes. I really don’t think they know how to tell time at the VA and since there are no clocks to be seen they don’t guess very well either! Another hour or so passed and a nurse came and got me so I could dress Gordon…haha that was a sight.
Schooner was excited to see him and immediately jumped on the bed, licked his face all over and layed on his chest. After getting my instructions, I dressed G and helped him down and out to the car, no wheelchair assistance there!!! I managed to get us on the road at 3:10 and start the 140 mile trip back to Daytona. I made one stop to finally get something for me to eat, SUBWAY, and some peanut butter cookies for G to go along with his 2 bottles of water!! Sorry, I have no pictures to post of the patient, he threatened me that if I did take any he would kill me!! Let's just say it (he) wasn't attractive!!!

It’s now been close to a week, seems longer (the boat is smaller), but Gordon is doing well. He slept and drank water the first couple days as if he had just spent a year in the desert! The catheter is out and he is moving more freely about the boat. We have checked in with the VA and got him a prescription for Thrush…the yogurt helped some but his mouth is all white with fungus…yuck …I know what it’s like but this was a first for him. The old pudgy Gordo is a slimmer man after all of this, about 40lbs lighter. (Don’t you all hate him!!)

I did leave him for a couple hours on Saturday, I went to watch a soccer game!! It was the best…3 and 4 year olds playing soccer for the first time!! Our friends grandson Carter is playing and just too cute. I will have to get a picture of him in uniform, tiny cleats and shin guards too boot!!! It was a great time and a well needed escape from the boat!! Thank you Vicky for taking me.

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ohioredsfan said...

The catheter is out and he is moving more freely about the boat. I know what you were saying here but since my mind is in the gutter, I got a great chuckle out of that