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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Patrick's Visit 1

We picked Patrick up at the airport close to noon and got back to the boat and had dad's Italian sausage sandwiches. Patrick looks so good but very tired!! We spent most of the afternoon catahing up with him before he crashed. So today we waited for him to wake up...he was sleeping in the forward berth with the shades pulled closed so it was 1:30 before was saw his face. We caught the bus over to the baech to check out the waves from Tropical Storm Nicole. We stopped by Sloppy Joe's for breakfastlunchdinner due to the time of day afterward. It was such a nice day with the sun shining but not too hot!! After eating, we walked the beach for a while and Patrick picked up a bit of sun on his pale face. Working and school have kept him indoors all summer. It was back on the bus for the ride across the bridge to the boat where he got to meet I Dock. We fed Dewey's catfish in the dark so he missed seeing how big they are, so we will have to see them tomorrow night!!

Our life is pretty boring for a 26 year old so maybe with an earlier start we can do something more tomorrow.

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