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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The VA is Obamacare....

I am convinced we are in big trouble!!! Gordon signed on to the Veterans Administration health care last February and let me tell you how much fun it has been. It started out with them testing him for his diabeties, which it has been determined he has a strain associated with Agent Orange which he had exposure to in Viet Nam. Ok 20% disability... he also had his eyes checked and new glassses to fit his face!! they checked his hearing, but determined it wasn't too bad!!! That I don't agree with and you would too if you heard him talk on the phone....he is the guy in the quiet room that everyone can hear!!! Any way some progress has been made in only 7 months...glad he wasn't sick!!!
So now they have determined he has kidney stones AGAIN !! We went through this 3 years ago in Alabama and he had lithotripsy at that time. Now, he was to have laser lithotripsy on Thursday and we jumped through all the correct hoops to have it done including going to Orlando to have the pre-op tests done. Well somebody dropped the ball and didn't follow up on his urine test which was positive for bacteria so upon arrival in Tampa we were told everything was posponed!!! Why couldn't they have called before we left Daytona??? So now he is on antibotics and we are to report on Tuesday te 14th to admittance for surgery on the 15th....wouldn't you think they would test him again before schedualing surgery again??? The only good thing about driving to Tampa on Thursday, was we were close to Clearwater and SKYLINE CHILLI...oh yea 5-way and Skyliners!!! And we bought enough for a meal this weekend!!

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