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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm baaaaackkkkkk

Well I took some time off from blogging because I didn't think you wanted to read about our daily exploits here in Daytona!! As you know, we arrived here on January 16th and have been sitting in the same spot ever since. We have done things like ride bikes everywhere including going 5 miles out to the Daytona Speedway during race week, intermingle with all the Harleys during Bike week and just over the bridge to put our feet in the ocean. We have mastered the bus system and can get from the marina to Walmart/Sam's without any problems!!! Public trans is a hoot!!
Many of you have stopped either going south this past spring or on your return trip to your summer destination and we enjoyed seeing all of you. We attended many fairs/craft shows/festivals while here...the Art in the Park in Ormand Beach stands out as the best we attended. We had the pleasure of sharing it with Guy, Marilyn, Phil, & Cherri, friends from Ohio. Still none have been any where close to those festivals in Ohio!!! The Ormand seafood Fest was close. The latest festival was a BBQ festival here in the downtown...really loud bands, not much BBQ anything but lots of beer!!!

We have made a few road trips, I met up with a few high school classmates in March over in Venice, FL and we attended a sand sculpture show in May in Cocoa Beach. Also in May, we celebrated my birthday with friends in Bocca Grande. A visit to Silver Springs was a thrill when a giraffe, interested in seeing Schooner came over to visit her and take a handful of grass from me!! A trip up to St Augustine with friends Bill & Gail resulted in finding the best gelatto I have ever had and a day away from the boat.

My sister, Sonia came and stayed with us the end of June, we had such a great time! We left Gordon at the boat and managed to spend a few days on the beach catching up...it is great to have her back in my life, I'm just sorry it took both of our parents dying to figure that out, but I know my mother is smiling down on us!!!

While sitting here....we have managed to completely de-oxidise the deck and put a good coat of wax all over, re-wire the radar unit after sending it out for service, repair the fresh water intake, install a new, bigger and better air conditioning pump,install a fuel polishing system and fix up the dingy for more Bahama beaching...it has been more than enough to keep G busy!!! LOL Of course that doesn't include the bi-monthly scrubbing of the boat to remove the aircraft fuel residue.(We are located right in the flight path for Daytona International Airport!) The boat was put on the sales market back in early April, but with the economy as it is, we have only had a few lookers. We would still like to trade over to a Trawler and make the Great Loop before giving up the gypsy life.
To keep us entertained, since there is a minor league baseball park a block away, we purchased game passes for the season. Yep, we really got into watching baseball (people watching wasn't bad either) unfortunately the Daytona Cubs didn't make the playoffs, so now I am looking forward to catching some college soccer matches...Embry-Riddle is suppose to have a pretty good men's team as they are mostly Europeans on the team. I also hope to catch some games of 3-4 year olds play!! Our boat neighbor's grandson is on the team of first time players!!!

Gordon has been going to the VA outpatient center here for his diabeties,(agent orange induced) and is now classified as a disabled veteran! They have determined he has kidney stones ...again!! You will all remember his escapades 3 years ago with having them blasted...well this time the doctors are using a new procedure to remove them with a laser...that is this Friday so I will keep you posted!!! Schooner is fine, she has plenty of friends to play with, there are 15 dogs on our dock if every one is here, but special playmates are Sadie and Sassy, Austrailian Sheppards! And well, I am hanging in there...no accidents to report only good!!!
I have included a slide show here to show you what Daytona and Jump life is all about, look for more regular postings in the future....

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