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Friday, August 1, 2008

More of the Same

On to Thursday morning, when we left Southport at the butt-crack of dawn (Gordon wanted an early start!) and we were, once again, in the Intercoastal Waterway…nice calm water but with a lot of waterway gnats (jet skis). After being sprayed with water for the umpteenth time by them, I was most unpleasant to be with and I let them and every one else know it!! It was very hot and muggy and to be soaked by dirty, brackish, tea water isn’t pleasant or refreshing!!

Going through Camp LeJune is always pleasant with SARGENT Gordo on board. The bridges were slow opening and we couldn’t make enough speed to catch their scheduled openings, so most required a 45minute wait. (Circling and maneuvering in a limited space!) The last bridge was at Surf City, NC, and after almost an hour wait we pulled into the Beach House Marina and called it a night! Desert at DQ cooled me off and so did the rain! It stormed most of the night, with lots of lighting, so we didn’t do the early rising thing on Friday morning. None-the-less, we were underway by 8:30 am.

With all the rain overnight, it was really, really muggy on the waterway! And, once again, the waterway was covered with “gnats”, although they kept their distance. (Must have heard about me from yesterday!) Today we passed a waterway outhouse…yep, they place one right out there so boats without potties can pull up and use the facilities!! I’m guessing mostly women use it!!

We have now made it to Morehead City, North Carolina!! We spent the night at the Portside Marina, where we were able to visit with long time friends Walter and Linda. They are in the process of moving there from Niceville, Florida and Walter is the one that helped start us on our adventures!! (He sold us the boat!)

Next stop Belhaven, NC……………….

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