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Friday, October 3, 2008

Back in Philly

Today I am staying in bed!! I am so sore I can barely move and I have a headache from lugging my full backpack all over New York City (wah, wah, wah.) Gordon on the other hand is back on the train headed back to Penn Station in New York!!! Would you believe that when he was purchasing our tickets yesterday, he left the camera on the ticket counter in Penn Station, NY!?! When we reached Trenton, NJ, Gordon went to a ticket agent, who called back to New York City and, Yep…the miracle of it all happened, someone turned it in!!! So, instead of buying a new camera for $400, he bought a round trip ticket for $41 and is half way there already.

Schooner and I elected to remain here in Philly and be lazy, although I have plenty of laundry to do. Plus we had requested our mail be sent in hopes that our absentee ballots would be included…NO such luck!! I guess that will require a phone call and more mail to be sent!!

The weather has made a change…cold, at lease for us! Today’s high was only 62° with that spitting rain we love so much. I had to bring the orchid down below for fear of losing it. It has been surviving for over 18 months with me taking care of it…that in its self is also a miracle. We will need to do some sprucing up here on the boat before leaving… actually, a major cleaning is in order! It will have to wait, however, we need to rest and the weather needs to improve.

Here are the last of our pictures from the trip to New York City, including our (Gordon’s) trip back. I hope I haven’t bored you with them. For anyone who hasn’t been there, it’s an inspiration to go!!!

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The Quint Family said...

Guess what! I just found out the the Ga aquarium has a 4D show.