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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Up the Potomac

It’s Sunday evening and we have stopped for the night at Popes Creek, Maryland. We are tied to a dock that hasn’t been used by any boaters in a while. (You can tell by the amount of bird doo covering the dock.) It is here for the sole purpose of being a place to come in off the Potomac River, after a day of boating, and tie up for a great meal at Capt’ Billy’s Crab House and Restaurant. Which is exactly what we did!!!

We were the only boat to pull in at the dock. Even though the books said we had plenty of water under us, we found it to be pretty slim in some spots of the channel. It is still early, 4:30, and after walking Schooner around the parking lot we went in to eat. Miss Dottie greeted us at the door, took us to our table, over looking our boat, and made some recommendations for dinner. We both opted for the sautéed scallops, homemade potato salad, and coleslaw. At Capt' Billy's, they are famous for their crabs, (and they looked great) but we didn’t feel like fussin' and fighting with our food!! Everyone around us was talking about the “big” boat at the dock as if they had never seen one there…we later found out why!!

Miss Dottie extended the invitation to stay the night there at the dock, (NO power or water but easy access to land) so we went back to the boat for the night. Gordon just happened to check the water depth and of course we were on the bottom…so stuck you couldn’t move the rudder!!! We couldn’t have moved if we had wanted to!!! After checking the tides, Gordon informed me we would be leaving at 4:30 and that’s AM!

Most of you know I am a night person and surely don’t like getting out of bed early especially if it’s cold! Well, I did help get us under way, but did go back to bed. When I went topside about 8:00am Gordon was in his jeans, Rugby shirt, jacket and hat! You would have thought it was the middle of winter the way he was complaining!! It did warm up rather quickly once the sun came up and ended up being a great day on the water at 70° or something close, and we're now on our way to DC.

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