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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, (That’s a deep subject as they say!!) it’s been a long week and I need to update all of you on our adventures! First off, we got to Baltimore late on October 8th, not really “late” but days are sooo short now it seemed late. We are in about the same place, in the same marina as we were when we left 2 weeks ago, so all seems familiar.

We had a few places to see that we missed on our first trip here, but the first call to duty is to scrub down the boat! The dirt and grime from the big cities are taking a toll on the white deck!!! This seemed to take all day long and now both of us not only have sore legs, but the arms and shoulders are now sore, too!! At least the boat will be clean for the guy to come and fix our auto pilot motor…again!

The autopilot has been giving us fits since early July when we were still in the Bahamas and now has finally decided to all but fail. This is the second motor replacement the company has made and I hope the last. John, the repairman, had to come from Annapolis to do the work…about a 45 minute drive for him. It would take us a good 8 hour day to get to Annapolis by boat and Annapolis is not where we want to be because they are hosting the sailboat show now and space is limited. John was here for less than an hour and all seems well for now…always the skeptic!

We walked to little Italy and found an Italian Deli and had a great lunch. For me, an Italian sub and Gordon a spicy Italian sausage sanswhich. It was really good and hit the empty spot! We continued our walk about town before heading back to the boat. As I said earlier, days are short now and that leaves more time for sleeping…LOL!

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