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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Solomans Island, Maryland

It’s Saturday morning and we are leaving Baltimore. It’s chilly out here on the water but really pretty. The leaves are just starting to change and there is some fog along the shoreline where creeks meet the bay. It is a pretty boring ride so far, not much to look at except for the occasional crab trap, seagull or boat to pass. Trying to type this is also difficult, because of the glare and who knows when we will actually get Internet good enough to publish it.

We are headed to Washington DC, but that is at least 2 days away. So our first stop for tonight will be Solomans Island. Solomans Island is located at the tip of Maryland, and isn’t really an island!!! We should arrive about 4:45, says the chart plotter. While there, we will need to get some fuel, as we haven’t bought any since we left Atlantic Yacht Basin back in September when the price was high. Here’s to hoping for lower fuel prices, since the price of gas has dropped!!!

We actually arrived here at the Solomans Island Yachting Center a little after 5 and walked Schooner, had dinner and settled in for a night of TV. We made our weekly calls, checking on everyone, and I am finishing up on this part of the blog, although Internet doesn’t reach out to the dock we are on. As far as I could see from the diminishing sunlight, it looks like a summer vacation spot. We won’t get the chance to do any exploring here now, but will be back around the 20th when we meet back up here with friends.

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