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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leaving NYC

Rise and shine! We are leaving NYC today, but first there are still places to see! We start today by packing up the backpacks (all 30lbs each) and head to Time Square and McDonalds for breakfast. This wasn’t planned it just happened! We were still on the great penny hunt… yes, I have a passion for collecting pressed pennies. These are the souvenirs you find in many tourist spots that cost you 50 cents plus a penny. You put your money in and crank away!! My collection started way back as a kid when this is what my dad brought home from his many trips. (Cheap but memorable present) I guess I started collecting on my own when the kids were little, but now you can go online and map out where these machines can be found in any city!!! There are even little books to hold them and now you can get pressed dimes, quarters, and even some dollars!

Next door to the McDonalds was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, so we had to check that out!! Gordon got his picture taken with Morgan Freeman, who also was visiting…LOL. From Madame Tussauds, we continued up Broadway to American Girl! We stopped by American Girl to see what was new. Our girls each have a doll from when these dolls were first introduced back in the late 1980’s. Wow, now it’s like a big Barbie. All the different outfits and accessories; its unreal! (Andie, you would have loved having the horse.) A really nice lady, Patricia, spent much time talking with us after her bosses wanted us to leave because of Schooner. She was so nice and we wanted to thank her here on the blog and wish her well…New Yorkers, unfairly, get such bad raps!

From American Girl, we walked over to Hershey’s and the M&M Stores. How cool!! You can get every color of M&M’s imaginable and get your image carved on a 7oz Hershey bar! Where, other than in New York?

Time Square is unique in that there are huge plasma screens everywhere, advertising everything. It is so bright with lights; I wish we had had more time to see it at night. Times Square even has it’s own Police Station, done up with lights advertising it!! Our walking continued down past Ed Sullivan’s Theater, home to Democrat David Letterman’s show. If I ever get back here, the one thing I would like to do is see some of my favorite TV shows in person and take in a Broadway show, too!! Too much to see here in just 3 days!

Walking continued to Bryant Park and NBC studios, where we stopped for some water and sitting time! The fountains and pigeons enthralled Schooner, but she did get to rest some. Then it was over to Rockefeller Square to see the FOX Studios, home of Fox and Friends. We were too late to see Doocy, Gretchen, or Kilmeade in person, but took a picture of their poster…how much more of a tourist could we be?? We even took a few minutes to check out the windows at Macy’s…nothing for the Holidays yet, but Gordon and I both remember the Rike’s and Elder windows at Christmas time in downtown Dayton, so we could just imagine how these would look!

We stopped for lunch at Jack Dempsey’s Irish Pub for a quick lunch before heading to the 42nd and Broadway Street station to catch our subway to Penn Station and our return trip to Philly. It sure felt good to sit down and get the backpack off our backs!!!

No individual pictures but check out the album.

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